Finger-less Society ?

Ernest Skinner

I mean they have already started the process with finger-less gloves for Pete’s sake !!!!

In all seriousness, I do think it’s a valid possibility as per evolution if that is what you believe. This is not a religious piece so please don’t make it one if that is the side you lean on; I am just killing time and writing this as my own personal thought.

Society and technology advancing us closer to a finger-less or finger-LESS society is not as far fetched as you may think. This whole thought to write this piece came up as I was chatting with a friend of mine. For the purpose of this article, we’ll just call her Kari………because that is her name ba ha ha.

Anyway, I was chatting that I really have a hard time physically and mentally writing and even signing my name these days. It’s a royal pain in the ass; I had to sign a contract and fill out some questions recently and although it only took me about 10 minutes it was torture.

Honestly, when I was handed the document, looked through it, and noticed all the lines under the questions, I actually asked the women if she could just email it to me. I have been writing (that word is not accurate but you know what I mean) about two or three articles for Saultonline and various sites for about 2 years now and the truth is I can type on my laptop pretty quick. I can type about 95 words or more per minute and so obviously it is so much quicker for me to get my thoughts out.

Anyway, moving forward, the conversation got to kids in school these days and how much time is spent on tablets, laptops, computers etc and unfortunately the kids and generations to come will use less and less of their fingers and hand muscles. That, in my opinion, is a given; it’s just a matter of time.

I understand that typing and texting with your fingers use muscles, but it doesn’t stop there. You can simply type on your Android and iPhone and as long as you are close to spelling the word correctly, the device will pop up the correct word and you go from there.

What is going to be the mother of all Killers for society and the digits on your hands is the  Talk To Text or Voice To Text app  This has been in our society for a few years now and the more people use it and not their fingers, the easier it’s going to be for our bodies and DNA to recognize that we don’t need four fingers and a thumb anymore. How about three and one just like the Greys. I saw one the other night when it visited me in my bedroom. Scary dude he was, but after the probe (ha ha ha ), I noticed that his hands only had 4 digits.

Since we all know that Aliens and Greys do exist !!! ( c’mon work with me on this one) and most replications of them show an anomaly of digits on their hands; “use it or use it”, right ?

Growing up we were always encouraged, forced, or whatever word you want to use to “go outside and play”. I grew up in that generation and I am sure that studies will confirm kids were healthier back then as opposed to today.

Technology is definitely making us lazier with some of the blame to be put on ourselves and some of it on technology. Corporations are advancing the interests of profit by eliminating the need for workers. I witnessed that when I worked in production in and saw machines brought in to replace workers. It is widespread and less and fewer jobs are needed while the global population continues to increase at an alarming speed.

So to sum things up, if I were the parent of a young one in this day and age, I would be careful with the ease of things and push the other way.

Thanks for reading and Fight The Power !!

Ernest Skinner

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Ernest Skinner
Ernest Skinner was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie and attended Humber College after high school. He has a passion for other cultures and has travelled throughout Mexico and many South American countries. He has written many articles over the years that deal with events happening here in Sault Ste. Marie and around the globe. Ernest has interviewed many rock and roll musicians including, Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy.Dio.Whitesnake, Quiet Riot), Brad Gillis (Night Ranger). Adrian Vandenberg (Vandenberg, Whitesnake, Moonkings), Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Sass Jordan, Lee Aaron, John Corabi (Motley Crue/Dead Daisies), Geoff Tate (Queensryche) Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) and many more. Reading about ancient civilizations, world politics, and mysteries of the unknown are also defining factors that are his general makeup. Outside of being serious, he has a bright sense of humour that was moulded from shows like Seinfeld & The Simpsons. Ernest is a freelance writer.


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