Ford Conservatives forsaking northern children with autism: NDP


QUEEN’S PARK –  During question period on Monday, NDP MPP Michael Mantha called on Doug Ford to stop his cuts to autism services that is leaving northern children with autism without the care they need, and making things worse for families in small communities.

Mantha, the MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin, shared the story of one northern family with the legislature.

“Marshall, a little 4-year-old boy from Manitouwadge was diagnosed a year ago with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder,” Mantha said.

“His mom, Adrianna, is a single mom who is trained to work in the health care sector.  Unfortunately, she had to quit her job to take care of Marshall full-time.

“Adrianna can’t work or find a rental unit that is affordable enough to allow her to pay for her son’s therapy.

“Why is this premier leaving people like Marshall and Adrianna with no options left?”

Mantha told Doug Ford and the legislature that Marshall and Adrianna patiently waited for the Ontario Autism Program funding but received nothing.  When Adrianna asked why, she was told that “there is none available for your region.”

“Too often, communities like Manitouwadge are forgotten by the provincial government, and end up lacking in services. The two biggest cities around are Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, both 400 kilometers away.  There isn’t even one local private behavioural service provider,” said Mantha.

“This government’s announcement will do nothing to change that.   In fact, it will make things worse.

“Why is this government refusing to increase capacity in Northern Ontario for autism services while cutting the funding available to families like Adrianna’s?”


  1. The coldness of some is astounding. Not everyone has the resources to do it themselves. So you were able to. Good for you! How about you help other people less fortunate instead of shitting on them and trying to make yourself look good in the meantime?

      • Well said Linda, the ndp are a joke, all they can do is bash the other party, they are a total disaster whenever they are in position to do something. Horwath can’t even run her own family.

  2. I raised 2 children as a single mom in the 70’s and 80’s…my son was special needs..For 5 years I travelled back and forth between Windsor and London to get him the help he needed for a severe seizure age 18 he finally had brain surgery which corrected this..I had no help from the government..and no child support from the ex…but we did it!..My son’s health was my responsibility..and I handled it..get a grip..people today are so needy!…plus I MA

    • My daughter has C.P. and when she was growing up we had many trips to sick kids hospital and to the Sault, had to pay for special braces for her out of our pocket, and we didn’t have much, believe me, and I never complained, now the whole system whines and cries entitlement.

    • Far too true. Although the coverage limit drops, it frees up the issue of waiting & waiting & waiting for any form of treatment.
      At least now after diagnosis we’ll be free to pursue a treatment plan.
      We started the process with my kid at age 6. He’s a out to age out in a few montha after only receiving less than a year of support.
      11 years just to get into a program in time to age out. We obviously need to try something different.

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