Highway 400 closed in both directions after multiple car collision near Barrie


BARRIE, Ont. — Authorities say a major highway in southern Ontario has been closed in both directions to deal with a collision involving dozens of vehicles.

Local fire officials say there are treating several people with minor injuries after the crash on Highway 400 near Barrie, Ont., which they say involves between 50 and 70 vehicles.

Barrie Fire public information officer Samantha Hoffman says the collision occurred around 10 a.m. on the southbound lanes of the highway.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says there is zero visibility in the area with heavy snow and blowing snow causing problems.

Schmidt has posted videos of the scene online that show dozens of vehicles smashed together, including several transport trucks and one fuel tanker, with numerous cars also in the ditch.

Schmidt says there are upwards of 30 vehicles involved in the crash.


  1. Another crash on highway 11 between Barrie and Orillia and another on 11 again near Gravenhurst! I was on highway 12 going to Orillia and had to turn back and go home! Saw three ambulances going to another accident on the 400 where highway 12 crosses underneath (exit 147)! Pretty scary when tough guys in their trucks (black truck good for him) are right on your butt and tailgating you! I pulled over twice for black trucks who were going no where! It’s crazy how people drive down here! When I use to drive to Orillia 10 years ago on highway 12, no traffic and now, it’s crazy! Everybody is in a rush! I hate going to Toronto and I let my wife drive! Was so pose to go to Collingwood this afternoon, to take a client to a lawyer appointment in Barrie! Not happening! South Central Ontario at it’s best! Miss the North!

    • Georgina Riel tailgating and driving too fast! Highway 11 should be 411 because it’s 4 lanes divided highway to North Bay now! Went from 90 kmh to 100 kmh! Distracted driving! Forgot that one! See it all time, as I’m all around Simcoe county!

    • Steve Beaupre but it’s mostly locals who drive too Toronto and back home. At what point do you learn from experience? It’s the “tax” you pay for living in that area. If your late the option is not too speed or tailgate. I never enjoyed that ride when I to visit my clients.

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