Keep Your Eyes on the Meter, Parking Ticket Prices Could Go Up

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After Monday, not feeding the meter may cost you even more.

City Prosecutor Jeffery King recently noticed it’s been over 30 years since local parking fines have increased.

“Our parking fees are lesser by an average of 50 per cent in comparison to municipalities of like size and structure,” King said in a report to City Council.

Council is being asked to up parking metre fees from $10 to $25.

This compares to fines of $30 in North Bay, $25 in Sudbury, $20 in Thunder Bay and $12 in Timmins.

“It is important to note that many of these fines have not received periodic increases to stay in line with cost of living and general affordability,” says King in his report. “The last amendment to these fines was set in 1984 and 1989.”

This isn’t the only fine City Council is being asked to hike on Monday. Other requested increased include:

  • parking on private property will double from the current $15 to $30
  • parking in excess of posted time limit (will go up from the current $10 to $35)
  • parking in a signed prohibited area (raised from the current $15 to $35)
  • overnight parking in winter  (to go up from the current $15 to $50)
  • parking in a fire route (will go up from $25 to $60)
  • illegally occupying a handicapped parking spot (up from $300-$350)

King says these increases are needed to ensure a balance between the seriousness of the offence and deterrence provided by the fine.

Councillors will also be asked to provide an appropriate discount if fines are within seven days of being issued.

King says he hopes this early payment discount option will reduce collection costs and the need for prosecutions.


  1. Great way to revitalize the downtown core. 🙄 I would much rather be able to pay a monthly fee and never have to worry about change or getting the stupid ticket to put in my vehicle. The current system is less user friendly, more inconvenient and does not encourage anyone to shop local.

    • I agree, the problem is…..people working down town or living in the area just park all day and never move. The result is very little parking down town at all. It’s the same problem in most urban centres. Selfish people. The whole down town core lacks sufficient parking in general but if you’re not too lazy to walk a couple of blocks, it’s rarely a problem. I never park directly on queen, I leave those spots for people who may not be able to walk as far.

  2. I had to laugh when they interview people about the price of fines possibly being increased. Simple solution pay the meter a quarter more or dont park somewhere over 2 hours. The balls in your court to not get fined.

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