Liberals give BlackBerry $40M to support self-driving car development


OTTAWA — BlackBerry is getting $40 million in federal funding to help it develop technologies for self-driving cars.

The company is putting $300 million of its own money into the initiative, expected to create 800 jobs over the next decade at BlackBerry’s campus in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata, as well as support 300 existing jobs there.

The one-time smartphone leader is now working on advanced software for autonomous vehicles and will use federal money for software development and skills training for workers.

BlackBerry says its QNX software is already in tens of millions of cars, guiding systems related to driver assistance, hands-free features and entertainment consoles.

During an event this morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the money is a sign the government has the backs of Canadian tech companies who want to lead in a new economy.

Trudeau says his government will support companies both large and small looking to take risks in a growing and transforming global economy.


  1. trudeau’s libs have the best of both worlds folks. trudeau keeps giving away our tax money; money that only exists on paper because the deficit just keeps climbing and climbing. And, thru all this, trudeau gets all the accolades, photo-ops and thanks a lot mr. pm, you’re a swell guy. For all of you who like to max out your credit cards; spend money you don’t have and don’t mind adding to your household debt, maybe by taking out another mortgage on your home. You, I guess see what trudeau is doing as just fine. You probably will have no issues about what these libs are doing. Hope the rest of us have a nice weekend.

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