Mitten Making “Creates Socialization” Among Seniors


Winter is a time of year where you want to dress warm. One item you really should wear is mittens, which is what a group of locals gathered to make on Thursday.

A group of ladies got together at the Seniors 55+ Recreation Program at the Northern Community Centre to make their own Métis fleece mittens by hand.

“So many people like them and they’re just wonderful warmth and comfort,” instructor Shirley Loubert told SaultOnline, explaining why she chose to make mittens. “I’ve made them for seniors that have cold hands and they wear them in the house during the day and they just find it fabulous.”

Loubert, who has been teaching and crafting for over 20 years, said mitten making is always a hit, with most of those classes filling up. Eight women participated in Thursday morning’s class, and Loubert said her class last spring was full.

“These people are wanting to get in on it,” she said.

Loubert said she thinks crafting is an important way to socialize.

“You get to meet new people and you get to talk to them and you find out something new everyday,” she explained. “Sometimes I go home with three or four new things that I learned in a day. So it’s nice to pass on that knowledge.”

Loubert also teaches basic quilting, needlework, sewing and other crafts at the Northern Community Centre for those interested.

“I just enjoy it and I enjoy the ladies,” she explained.

Anyone interested in participating in one of Loubert’s crafting classes can call 705-759-5377 or email [email protected] to register.

For more information on the Senior’s 55+ Recreation Program, click here.


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