MP Terry Sheehan’s precarious work motion passes the House, 293 votes to 0


MP Terry Sheehan has recognized that Canadians in every province are struggling with precarious employment. Today, unanimous passage of his Motion M-194, instructs the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, to undertake the work of addressing precarious employment in Canada. MP Sheehan was pleased to garner support from all members of the house, Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Block, Green and Independents.

This committee will develop a clear definition of precarious employment, including specific indicators as well as examine current data and options to expand available data. In addition, the role that precarious employment plays in the economy and in the federal-regulated private sector and the impact it has on the lives of individual Canadians will be explored.

MP Sheehan said, “We need a more accurate understanding of precarious employment in order to help develop better policies and programs that will benefit those people in Canada working in precarious jobs. We are committed to evidence-based policy making as a key pillar of our government. This is part of our plan to help address barriers to secure employment. We will continue to ensure that all Canadians have the tools and opportunities they need to success in our workforce.”