Paramedics Work In Vein To Become Better


The 13 recently hired paramedics in Sault Ste. Marie have upgraded their skill level to include intravenous (IV) initiation. Paramedics have been practicing this skill in the Sault since 2009.

Front row (left to right): E. Cormier, Z. Brown, K. Pratt, N. Levesque, R. Andreychuk, B. Callegari, J. Yates, L. Payne
Back row (left to right): A. Schmidt, S. Benford, M. Bettello, B. Miles, A. Isaac

This increased skill allows the paramedic to administer fluids to the patient in certain medical emergencies and gives them the option of an additional route for giving medications. Depending on the medication, giving it by IV can begin to work faster than other methods.


Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services – EMS division would like to acknowledge the hard work these paramedics have dedicated towards obtaining this new skill.

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