PCO Clerk fears ‘somebody’s going to be shot’ during coming election campaign


OTTAWA — Canada’s top public servant says he is worried someone will be assassinated during the coming federal election campaign given the disturbing tenor of recent public discussion.

Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick is telling the House of Commons justice committee today he is deeply concerned about Canada’s politics and where things are headed.

Wernick has been asked by the committee to address the SNC-Lavalin controversy dogging the Liberal government, but he is also voicing grave worries about the overall state of public political dialogue.

He says he is concerned about the rising tide of incitements to violence, with people using terms like treason and traitor in open discussions.

Wernick says those are words that lead to assassination, and he is worried somebody is going to be shot in Canada during the coming federal election campaign.

He also expresses dismay about what he calls the trolling from the vomitorium of social media entering the open media arena.

The Canadian Press


  1. I am amazed he hasn’t been assassinated yet! Our government is a disgrace to the Canadian people and an embarrassment to the world.

  2. This is the result of Trudeau’s divisive politics. He’s prioritized social agenda wants over Canadian needs. He’s put and played specific demographics over others then politicized it while standing around for a photo op. He’s a do-nothing ineffective PM.

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