Police Advise To Stay Off The Roads


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is advising the public to avoid travelling on area roadways unless it is absolutely necessary.

There have been multiple reports of localized flooding in numerous areas of the city. The Public Works department is currently working to maintain area roads and alleviate flooding concerns.

Citizens are asked to give City crews time and space to do their jobs. Again, at this time Sault Police strongly recommend citizens avoid travelling on local roads unless absolutely necessary.


  1. State Farm insurance was one of the first carriers to deny flood coverage here – their agent told me State Farm has been warning the city about their crumbling infrastructure for a few decades.

  2. If the city would do their job when it starts like early this morning by plowing the roads and opening catch basins not just put sand down and wait for what we have now we wouldn’t have the issues with flooding now

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