Potential Fentanyl Found at Local Elementary School

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A small baggie containing what’s believed to be fentanyl was found in the parking lot of Parkland Public School.

Const. Sonny Spina told SaultOnline that a parent found a small ziplock baggie, which contained blue powder that could’ve been mistaken for candy, on Jan. 22, and immediately notified the school, who contacted police.

Parkland Letter
Parents received this letter from the Principal and Vice-Principal of Parkland Public School.

Police on-scene performed a presumptive test on the substance and results showed a potential opioid substance. However, Spina said the substance had to be sent to Health Canada to be tested further and police can’t confirm it contains fentanyl until those results are in, which can take up to weeks.

The Principal and Vice-Principal of Parkland Public School sent out a notice to parents this week in regards to this matter.

Superintendent of Education Brent Vallee told SaultOnline that, although an adult found the baggie, he thinks it’s important to educate the students on what to do if they happen to stumble upon a foreign substance.

“The key message we want to get across is that anytime kids find a substance like so, to avoid touching it and tell an adult,” he said. “The key piece is educating kids to stay safe.”