Public warned not to touch massive ice chunks that have piled up in Fort Erie


FORT ERIE, Ont. — Officials are warning the public to stay away from massive chunks of ice that have piled up along a stretch of the Niagara Parkway in Fort Erie, Ont., after last weekend’s wind storm.

The Niagara Parks Commission says there has been a “steady stream” of visitors to the area since Sunday’s storm, which caused ice to break off Lake Erie and spill over a parapet.

The agency’s acting CEO, David Adames, says people are free to look from a distance but shouldn’t try to touch or climb the ice.

He says the ice is piled more than 10 metres high in some spots, with some chunks as large as a compact car.

Adames says the ice could shift and “really injure somebody.”

He says so far no injuries have been reported and visitors have heeded the warnings issued by parks enforcement officers and police.

He says it’s unclear whether staff can safely remove the ice or if they’ll have to wait for it to melt, which could take a long time.

Videos of the ice moving in the storm have been shared on social media.


The Canadian Press