Romano Drives Youth Employment Initiative


Sault Ste. Marie M.P., Ross Romano launched his first Youth Employment Initiative at his downtown constituency office Friday.  Romano introduced the  provincial student committee.  “The whole purpose of this is to connect youth to the jobs in the community” Romano said.

Over the next few weeks, the student committee will visit employers to learn more of the industry or business and explore what opportunities there are in the Sault, Romano told media Friday before boarding a bus to transport the students to their first location.


    • Ike, Please tell us how many autistic people were helped during the 15 years of the Liberal Party control of the province and how all their lives were enhanced. We need actual factual information not ‘stories’.
      Please tell us how the Liberal Party cured all cancer during its 15 years in power. Please provide facts not innuendo.
      Please tell us how the Liberal Party helped all elderly in the province during their 15 years in power. Please provide factual accounts not ‘stories’ of such.

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