Sault College Severs Ties With Dave Selvers

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Sault College is the latest organization that has announced they will no longer do business with Dave Selvers and his Millennium Crane Rentals service as a result of social media and blog posts made by Selvers.

Selvers has become a centre of attention after the website ANTIHATE.CA notified SaultOnline about his involvement with the Yellow Vest movement and support for the United We Roll Convoy that stopped in Sault Ste. Marie Sunday night.

The organizers of the convoy immediately distanced themselves from Selvers.

Since then a fire storm of criticism has erupted for Selvers comments on his blog site with numerous hate speech and discriminatory comments authored by Selvers.

On Tuesday Algoma Steel tweeted that they would be severing ties with Selvers  stating, ““Mr. Selvers’ stated views are in direct conflict with our company’s core values.”

Sault College posted on their Facebook page Wednesday, ” Sault College does not tolerate hate, racism or discrimination of any kind. We are a welcoming and safe place to learn and do business with. Accordingly, the College has severed all business dealings with Millennium Crane.”

Mayor Christian Provenzano also tweeted that the city would take some action, Millennium Crane Rentals was used recently to install the new signage at the GFL Memorial Gardens.

It’s not certain if the city or Sault College has any additional work planned with Selvers company.

Selvers, who is a radical Trump supporter has posted blogs attacking Muslims, Mexicans and Politicians saying that he believes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be arrested for Treason and be executed.


  1. It’s a self inflicted wound, isn’t it? Everyone has the right to free speech but sometimes it comes with consequences..hate speech, racist speech, homophobic speech, etc…sadly the consequences for his speech will also impact his family, friends and employees. A very high price they’ll all pay for his right to vent all that vitriol online. A cautionary tale for the rest of us who post online.

  2. Everyone deserves an opinion. Everyone deserves to speak their mind.
    BUT…..EVERYONE also needs to learn how to respect each other.
    We have a right as human kind to be able to express ourselves but expressing ourselves in a respectable manor is important.
    He has a right to his own opinions but we as respectable human beings don’t deserve to have our ears and eyes bleed from his comments.
    We are CANADIANS…..Canadians are known to the rest of the world as being the peace keepers….THIS MAN IS NOT a peace keeper, if anything he has caused more trouble than he’s even worth.
    If he’s not happy here then no one is holding him back from leaving to go where he might be more acceptable, are we???

  3. He is a sick and delusional man. He should be shunned anywhere and everywhere he goes for his racism and hatred. It is amazing that it took this long for him to crawl out of from under his rock to show the world his true colors.

  4. People are free to think what they want, and feel what they want, but to voice those thoughts, and feelings on a public forum is very unwise. Now anyone that is associated with Dave Selvers, are casting themselves in a bad light. Dave Selvers might want to consider moving out of town I think he will lose all business contacts he may have had in the Soo. I wonder if he`ll receive a visit from the R.C.M.P.

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