Support for Ezio Metallo pours in after devastating fire

Ezio's Barbershop

After last week’s fire on Queen Street East destroyed Ezio Metallo’s barbershop, Matthew Kruschack just couldn’t stand by and watch someone’s dream taken away so quickly. He promptly set up a gofundme page with a goal of $10,000 to help raise funds for Ezio to rebuild the barbershop so many of his clientele valued so much.

Ezio has been my sons first barber and is who he has always felt comfortable with. This is such a tragic loss and we want to do anything we can to get you back!! Joe has been also going to Ezio since the day he moved to SSM too. We always look forward to our visits!! Sending our all our thoughts & prayers Joe Katrina & Colton

It’s no surprise that the generosity of Saultites prevailed with the total raised on Matthew’s gofundme page far exceeding his target, currently standing at $14,200 at the time of writing this story.

“On January 31st a fire destroyed the business of a dear family member Ezio Metallo. His barbershop in Sault Ste. Marie has been part of the downtown fabric for 15 years.

We have started this go-fund-me page to help him get back on his feet and open up a new shop as soon as possible. This is an urgent ask as the fire completely destroyed the building with all of his equipment, chairs…everything…and has put him out a job.

Ezio’s customers will tell you countless stories of him showing up early or staying late to accommodate their needs. He has helped Groomsmen get to weddings on time, children overcome their fear of their first haircut and many seniors with a home visit at no extra charge. He cares for his customers. His customers are his family.

What further adds to this story and why we’re doubling our efforts to rally around him and his family, given the added hardship they have endured this year. Only a few months ago he lost his daughter unexpectedly.”

For more information or to donate, visit Matthew’s gofundme page.


  1. what the hell are all you braniacs talking about? “screw the tennants” or “save the poor tennants” ? without the business owner downstairs, rent would be $3200 a month for those folks. you gotta realize who stirs the drink. its Ezio, and he also cuts my hair correct

  2. Instead everyone sits behind their computer chairs not doing anything about it. Instead of being negative about this happy situation go do something positive.

  3. Just love the mentality of “where’s mine? He got more than me” going on in the comments. A sad event happened and instead of being sympathetic or empathetic for this man and happy that he is getting some care, you act like this??? Honestly, were is your humanity? Shameful.

  4. Kera-Ann Buttineau unbelievably sad and disappointing at the difference in amounts ☹. This poor man doesn’t have a home or any of his belongings. The owner of the barber shop at least has a house and a bed to rest in sure he lost some chairs and memories of clients but the man living in the apartment lost absolutely everything plus his livelihood. I hope now that the Barber shop has more mney then they asked for with the gofund me that now more people will donate to this man. So sad for everyone but thank God everyone is safe. ❤

  5. What about the go fund message started for the tenants upstairs that lost everything and DONT have I sure to cover it? That’s awful and backwards. Yeah sorry your business burnt down but like someone said….insurance. it would be nice to see some of his cash donated to the poor tenants that lost their entire lives instead of a few chairs and mirrors. 🤷

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