Supporters Wait For Convoy, While the Resistance Continues To Grow


The United We Roll Convoy, a protest to the Federal Liberal’s Energy and Environment Policies is gaining a lot of support in Sault Ste. Marie but also a growing number of resistance as the convoy hits town.

The convoy that started in Red Deer Alberta wants to deliver the message to Ottawa that the West is hurting and needs pipelines in the ground and the carbon tax dropped.

Supporters of the cause have gathered at the former Lowe’s parking lot on Northern Ave and hosting a BBQ for the convoy participants that continues to grow as the protest moves from town to town across the country.

Not all are welcoming the convoy or their message. Environmentalist and recent Green Party candidate in Sault Ste. Marie posted on SaultOnline’s facebook page. “Why no coverage of the science of the world that says that 80% of known fossil rules must stay in the ground? Surely, not providing the climate change balance accurately is a disservice to humanity. Giving equal, or in this case more coverage to a false equivalency is harmful and irresponsible.”

Local Supporter, Chelsea Olar tells “I am a huge supporter of this because we need to stand up for our country as a whole”

“The main message we are taking to Ottawa with this convoy is that our oil-and-gas sector is in trouble,” said Glen Carritt, the convoy manager to the Calgary Herald as the convoy started  its trek to Ottawa last week.

Check back to for more coverage Monday including a full video report.


  1. Oddly, in an interview I heard on the news on CTV, one of these convoy guys said they weren’t particularly against the Trudeau government, they were against any government that actually disagreed with them…LOL.. If anyone, including Frank Fata , thinks any other government would or could do any different they are delusional… Try and remember it’s the natives out there that are stopping this pipeline build, and they are fighting amongst themselves about it. The government would like nothing better than to get on with it, Libs, Cons, or NDP…

  2. At last an article that also refers to climate change protesters. Lol! Canada is better that Alberta. Lol! We have given too much money to the retarded hillbillies in the oil industry. Lol! Canada is a big country. Lol! Time for them to leave and get real jobs like the rest of us. Lol!

  3. The green ecoterrorists are part of the reason we are in this trouble They are so out of touch they would have the government buy dirty oil from other countries than use ours Idiots

    • Jeffrey Roy This is from United We Roll organizers written this morning. Stop trying to post untrue!

      Good morning champs!
      Going into day 4, I’m sure the experience of the last couple of days will carry everyone to Arnprior tonight, for yet another warm welcome. Ontario has been one of the coolest, and most amazing experiences I’m sure any of the riders in the convoy could ever ask for!

      That being said. This movement is huge, and this convoy is the start of change in uniting this great country. But with change, and a bit movement, people will always try to latch on. I guess that’s part of uniting people.

      I want to put it out there, that hate groups, and rebellion groups are NOT WELCOME. This rebellion group in Sault Ste Marie led by David Selvers has absolutely nothing to do with this movement. There are some yellow vests that support and are welcome from the Sault, but there always has to be bad apple somewhere.

      Please share this, we at proud of who we are!
      A peaceful and respectful movement, and love all the support that everyone has given us!

  4. Keep those wheels a rollin!!! Send the message to turdeau!!! Weak gov’t, weak leadership, help canadians, for all the green people i hope you enjoyed driving your vehicles there after leaving your nice warm house, and give me a break good grief lol

  5. Yay. A lot of people bout cheering what they know so little about. Go get ‘em yellow jackets. Lol

    • I haven’t seen any hate besides what he said about the immigration minister is the truth and I think that way too.. Trudeau and his media can say all the negativity they want. I’m United with yellow vests and United we roll

      • We are not allowed our opinions or freedom of speech unless you agree with the gov’t, otherwise the gov’t calls you names, the yellow vests are giving a voice and message to those people, peaceful people are a part of this movement and not all are bad apples, but hardworking, peaceful but not happy canadians

    • Jonathan Periard they had a segment on the news about and that’s why the convoy was delayed by a few weeks… And you can’t lump everyone protesting into the same category as this guy if you do your head is broken….

    • Jamie Milkovich not lumping everyone in but when people align with a movement maybe they should know who they are lumping themselves in with and many have no idea….it wasn’t until the media got a hold of reports of who all was backing this convoy did the organizers then delete their posts supporting and agreeing with the hate groups wanting to jump on the band wagon….I support all Canadians wanting work and a strong economy for all and making that known to our Feds but hate speech towards anyone will only fall on deaf ears and you lose all credibility when trying to affect change

    • James Turuba wow!! Read his comments!!! He called him the N word several times. And ur going to publicly admit to agreeing with his racist views and comments? Seriously? How is it fake news when the guy is quoted saying it! In his own words from his blog posts he posted himself so where is the media bias? Bet u believe Trumps Tweets are all fake news when the media quotes them too? Get your head out of the sand he is a racist and you agree with him.

      • It is fake news, trudeau bought them out, you never see much about the other side of the story now do you?why is that? You cant paint everyone with the same brush?

    • James Turuba and you for your screwed up political and human rights views! U want to support all Canadians having the fair shake at making a living and hoping the pipeline will do that then I can agree with you but when you say you agree with racial comments about someone like politicians just because you don’t like their politics you lose all your credibility and I hope u can live with your racist views but word of warning I wouldn’t post them on FB. Especially where the media can quote you!

    • and always has to be someone with their feelings hurt posting something negative about the yellow vest movement. This is about flushing the turd and no I don’t support racial comments but I also don’t support fake news

    • diversity is division while unity is strength.. we really don’t need any negativity from Canadian anti hate network attacking anyone either. Who’s to say if these comments were true? I don’t care anyway because I would like nothing more than the immigration minister and all of Trudeau’s cabinet indicted. They’re criminals for signing the UN migration pact without anyone’s consent. Identity politics is what’s driving this country down

      • Exactly, thats what the fake news is spewing, some of us are peaceful hardworking canadians, who love our country, but dont like what the gov’t is doing

    • The only good thing about this convoy is all those dirtbags kept rolling on…that and very few people other than the same local mouth breathers were foolish enough to support it.

      • We sell our oil and gas to the states at a discount, then we buy expensive oil and gas from the saudis, would it not be better if we kept the jobs in canada, and the oil and gas in canada give your head a shake on that one

  6. I’m sorry but I need a world to leave behind for my children. Coal and gas were fine in the 70’s when we didn’t know better Now we DO and it’s time to do something.

    • It’s been proven many times over that:
      1. Carbon taxation has zero impact and will do nothing to improve the environment or initiatives.
      2. Even if all of North America improved C footprint to zero it would have no affect on climate change. NA compared to the rest of the world is responsible for very few emissions.
      3. The climate change debate has lost its legitimacy due to it becoming an industry to be manipulated and milked for income.

  7. Fantastic response by Saultes to the Convoy !!! You could see the appreciation of the members of the travelling group as they came into the parking lot. Great to see this coming together of ordinary people helping ordinary people, who are on a mission to send the libs in Ottawa a very firm, clear and decisive message. Get off your buffs and do something mr. justin trudeau !!! “Cause this very poor excuse for a pm really doesn’t have his priorities slotted properly. “Fighting for the middle class and those looking to join it”. Seriously jt ??? I don’t think so and many Canadians don’t think so either. October 21 can’t come quick enough.

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