The Storm That Wasn’t


A big winter storm that looked like it was going to have a major impact on the area didn’t really materialize for our neck of the woods.  Environment Canada reports only 9.6 cm fell on the Sault yesterday and not the 20 to 25 cm that was forecast. The winds didn’t pick up either leaving many wondering, where is the storm?

The short answer to that was Southern Ontario and the eastern sections of the province where they saw about 30 cm along with periods of freezing rain and ice pellets and winds clocked in the 70 km/h range.

Meanwhile, school bus transportation was cancelled, several planned meetings were postponed and the city embraced for a major “winter event”.

The Sault and area missed most of the active weather associated with what is known as a “Colorado Low” traditionally a slow moving system that develops on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains and picks up a lot of moisture from the gulf of Mexico. Colorado lows traditionally travels up to the Great Lakes region where it can dump on average anywhere from 10 to 30 cm or more.  Yesterday, the system took a more easterly track hitting the Southern parts much more than the North.

That’s not to say we don’t have more snow in the forecast over the next few days as weak low pressure systems track across the area and that could lead to some lake effect snows.

The forecast calls for about another 10cm or so between now and Saturday as High pressure builds into the area.  The long range forecast calls for below normal temperatures until the first week in March when a southerly flow will develop allowing temperatures to finally go above the freezing mark and for the most part stay there.


  1. I live in downtown SSM and the snow in my parking lot was up to the bottom of my knee! I’d say that storm hit just fine thanks.

  2. “Rookie Mountains” They may not be as old as the Cambrian Shield, but they aren’t exactly Rookies. 😉 Have a great day, all.

  3. When it hit, it hit….but it didn’t last as long as they expected it might…and for that I am thankful. And for the third time in 4 days our street was a river with a watermain break. &*^&$(*(&

  4. Weather forecasting is not an exact science, they just forecast what`s most likely, though for the most part they`re fairly reliable. I`m personally quite happy they were wrong about a big storm hitting the Soo.

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