74 Distracted Driving Charges in 6 Days

distracted driving texting

From March 11 to March 17, 2019, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in North East Region participated in the OPP’s yearly Distracted Driving Campaign.

Regionally, 74 drivers were charged during the campaign with offences related to distracted driving:

1 charge for display screen visible to driver;
71 charges for drive with hand-held communication device; and
2 charges of careless driving related to distracted driving.
New distracted driving laws came into effect on January 1, 2019. The new laws mean tougher penalties for distracted driving, something the OPP fully supports as yet one more measure to deter distracted driving and save lives on Ontario roads.

Chief Superintendent Fern Labelle, Commander of North East Region, advises that “North East Region is committed to traffic safety, especially when it comes to distracted driving. In 2018, officers investigated over 4500 collisions in the region, attributing more than 700 of them to inattentive driving. Distracted driving refers to all forms of distracted or inattentive driving such as adjusting a vehicle’s entertainment system or GPS unit or stereo, eating and drinking, using a hand-held communication or hand-held entertainment device, self-grooming or tending to children in the back seat. Drivers need to remember that the true danger to public safety lies in the distraction, not the device. Please drive safe and distraction free”.


  1. I wonder if that money will go towards the Courthouse security that the Ontario PCs cut back on by $200,000?
    Here are the particulars:
    An Ontario government ministry is slashing more than $200,000 in funding to Sault Ste. Marie Police Service to cover security costs at the provincial courthouse.Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services directed about $820,000 to city police in 2018. That amount covered all security expenses borne by the municipal service for the Queen Street East site, police spokesperson Lincoln Louttit told The Sault Star.Police brass noticed fewer dollars from the province when recently reviewin

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