Area Highways Get Some Attention from Provincial Government


Area highways will benefit from a $1.3 Billion spend announced by the Ontario government.

Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation announced funding for projects that will help create jobs for Ontario’s construction industry and keep our highways safe and reliable so that Ontario has a transportation network that encourages job creation, investment and trade in every region across the province.

“Our government is delivering on our commitment to be open for business and open for jobs. We are determined to improve our transportation infrastructure and create good jobs for our construction industry,” said Yurek.

Today’s announcement confirms that the government is planning to proceed with 123 rehabilitation projects across the province.

Announced for the North East region that includes Sault Ste. Marie, are mainly resurfacing projects but does not include new builds.

Highway Type Description
*11 REHAB Crooked Creek Bridge, south of Kenogami Lake
*11 REHAB West Junction Hwy 101 northerly, Nellie Lake southerly
*11 REHAB East of Hwy 631 to Hwy 663, Calstock
*11 REHAB Meloche Creek culvert, south of Ramore
11 REHAB Montreal River Bridge at Latchford, phase 2
11 REHAB North Junction Hwy 17/11b northerly, North Bay
11 REHAB Fraserburg Rd./Muskoka Rd. 14, Muskoka Rd. 117 interchange, Beaver Creek, Bullens Creek, Siding Lake, Severn River to Huntsville
*11, 581 REHAB East Lilly Creek Bridge and culvert, west and north of Moonbeam
*11 / 583 REHAB Culverts, north and west of Hearst
17 REHAB Hwy 69 interchange westerly, Sudbury
17 REHAB Hwy 631 easterly, White River
17B REHAB Bar River Rd. to Sault Ste. Marie southeast limits
*17 / 538 REHAB CPR subway and Lauzon Creek, east of Blind River
35 REHAB Gull River bridges, Miners Bay and Black Creek culverts, Moore Falls
64 REHAB North of Hwy 539 to Hwy 11, Marten River southerly
65 REHAB Blanche River Bridge, west of Ontario/Quebec boundary
94 REHAB Hwy 654 westerly, south CNR overhead, Hwy 94/CNR underpass, Burford Creek, Callander
129 REHAB South of Hwy 667 southerly, south of Chapleau
400 REHAB North of Hwy 141 interchange northerly, south of Parry Sound
540 / 542 REHAB Indian Point Bridge, Manitou River Bridge, Manitoulin Island
546 REHAB Marshall’s Creek culvert and White River tributary culvert, north of Iron Bridge
547 REHAB Hawk Creek and McVeigh Creek bridges, east of Wawa
*548 REHAB St Joseph Island Skyway, St Joseph Island
550 / 565 REHAB Sault Ste. Marie westerly to Gros Cap
*556 REHAB Structures at Ranger Lake
569 REHAB Blanche River Bridge at Hilliardton
*572 REHAB Pike River Bridge, north of Holtyre
577 REHAB Driftwood River bridges, north of Shillington
*631 REHAB Negagamisis Narrows Bridge, west Beaton River Bridge and Shekak River Bridge, Hornepayne Creek culvert, north and south of Hornepayne
*637 REHAB Nobel St. westerly, Killarney
663 REHAB Hwy 11 northerly to Calstock, Calstock
7300 REHAB Sagamok Access Rd., south of Massey


“As our government manages Ontario’s finances in a responsible manner, we are protecting services that matter most, including road maintenance,” Yurek said. “No matter what the service, policy, program or investment, our government puts people at the heart of our decision making. This funding is a clear example of that commitment. We are working to improve road safety for all Ontarians.”

“Our work is about investing in people, in safety, and in the success of Ontario. The government’s commitment to transportation infrastructure funding supports the continued success of Ontario’s road building contractors who have strong, proven track records and close ties with local communities, as well as supporting the provincial tax base. With the announcement today, contractors are able to plan their operations, hire staff, mobilize equipment and invest in supply chains and local economies across Ontario,” said Steve Smith, President, Ontario Road Builders’ Association.

“ORBA members build virtually all of the provincial and municipal roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure across the province and the road building sector directly employs in excess of 30,000 workers at peak season. The announcement today helps us continue our work with the government on connecting and enhancing the productivity of communities, alleviating congestion, and enhancing the safety of everyone who uses Ontario’s transportation infrastructure,” said Bryan Hocking, Chief Operating Officer, Ontario Road Builders’ Association.


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