Baggie Found at School Yard was Oxycodone


A substance that was found on school yard property has been identified as oxycodone.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services say a parent found the small baggie in the parking lot of Parkland Public School in January. It was originally thought to be fentanyl.

The substance was sent to Health Canada for testing where the blue powder was identified as oxycodone.

The substance was found January 22 and the Principal of the school issued a letter to parents about the incident on February 5th.

Parkland Letter
Parents received this letter from the Principal and Vice-Principal of Parkland Public School in regards to an incident that happened Jan. 22.



  1. That stuff is so potent and it literally disgusts me that it was ever allowed to infiltrate into the system through so many offices and pharmacies.

    I know not because I have ever messed with it (analogy).

    Likely also in medicine rooms on various floors in the many facilities.

    My communication is for no wrong purpose or motive without any doubt whatsoever in my mind.

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