Batchewana First Nation Leadership Evict Local Businessman for Hate Speech

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Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Last week it was discovered through a number of media outlets that local businessman Dave Selvers has been promoting hate speech towards Woman, Native Americans, Muslims, and LGBTQ persons through social media and blog posts.

“This type of language is not only controversial and offensive but it is a danger that threatens the safety of our community. Our office has been inundated with concerns from our citizens who are fearful of having this hateful man operating his business in their backyard” said Chief Dean Sayers.

Selvers is the President of Millenium Crane Rental Ltd. which is located at 491 Gran St. on the Rankin Reserve of Batchewana First Nation (BFN).

The leadership of BFN vehemently oppose the views expressed by Mr. Selvers and are taking appropriate measures to sever all business relations with him and his company, Millennial Crane.

“What’s most concerning is that Mr. Selvers makes no apologies and takes no responsibility for his hurtful actions. It is clear that this unacceptable behavior will continue and we simply can not condone that” added councillor Gary Roach.


  1. There is now and always will be racism around the world because there will always be narrow minded people so entrenched in there own belief systems that they leave no room to grow and diversify like so many others have. The world is ever changing and what we thought and worried about years ago is, for many people, not an issue today…interracial marriage, gender identity, sexuality, gay marriage, etc etc etc…today most of us have a better understanding of these issues and we are now in a “live and let live” time. That these changes don’t work for everyone will never change…but…the number of people with issues with any of these is shrinking, and those against are now in the minority and it scares the hell out of them. People don’t have to agree with the changes, but, if you speak out as the man in this article has done, then you have to also accept,along with your right to free speech, the right of others to oppose you. There are consequences for the right to free speech and it appears that this man is now suffering these consequences. I wonder in the end, if he will feel losing all his business contracts and perhaps his livelihood was worth his right to exercise that free speech.

  2. Cameron Dutchak I think you need travel more, get a few more stamps on that passport, get a few Puerto Rican friends who live in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Upstate New York
    Or The non tourist areas of San Juan Puerto Rico without those same friends.
    Go to I have Camden New Jersey, Milwaukee, Buffalo, New Orleans, Houston or Chicago without a few African-American friends without an escort, go to Kampala Uganda without those same African American friends.
    Visit east Los Angeles with out some Latino friends, then go to the non tourist areas of Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey Mexico City and Lazaro Cardenas. Go to Manilla without some Filipino friends stray off the tourist track. You’ll see plenty of racism towards you if you don’t have the right color skin or eyes. My friends in Manilla will tell you how much Indonesians are hated, my Indonesian friends will agree with them. My Chinese friends will tell you how much hatred there is for the Japanese among many Chinese.
    Many people in New York City hate people from Upstate New York and vice versa, those same people can’t stand people from Appalachia, the Midwest or Texas.
    People in Toronto hate people in Northern Ontario all of it due to cultural and political differences.
    I cannot speak to what is in David Selvers heart, I cannot know whether he is speaking out of frustration and didn’t self edit in a fit of anger or whether there lies true hatred within him.
    I’m in no way promoting any hatred
    His words are vile, but I live in a country where he could say what ever he wants to, but he doesn’t live in the USA, so he has to face the consequences of the Charter of Rights.
    If he’s acting out of frustration and not putting his brain in gear before he speaks I’m might understand his frustration. I am always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and look at all sides of an issue. There are three sides to every story Yours, Mine and the Truth, but if the hatred for specific racial and cultural groups is real and present within him then I have no use for him as a human being.
    But as a citizen of the real world, who steps away from the heavily traveled path on many occasions the utopia you seek doesn’t exist and most likely never will.
    I only hate the elitist views of those in urban areas and academia who look down there noses at rural areas. I dislike those who embrace one part of science then reject another. I hate those who find superiority in their particular faith especially those who claim to have no faith yet believe that people of faith are fools.
    I dislike those who refuse to immerse themselves in the wealth of information at our finger tips and don’t reach out beyond their culture to explore another without leisure being the purpose.

  3. Thank you Timothy Murphy
    I see a lot of unnecessary language and empty threats from Dave Selvers.
    He may be a bigot, or he maybe someone who is frustrated with cultural and political change who doesnt express his anger in a way that is constructive, I doubt that anyone has actually asked him if he has enough hatred within him to act on his words or is it just frustrated bluster.

    But Canada’s Charter of Rights is different from the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
    As someone who lives South of the Saint Mary’s River and has no hatred for anything but elitist urban culture that has disdain for people living in places such as the Sault Sainte Marie, the Algoma District, Northern Ontario, the Prairie Provinces, Northern and Eastern Quebec the Maritimes along with the Upper Peninsula Upper Midwest and most of the Red States I don’t agree with the extreme parts of his speech. If he is only acting out of frustration I can understand where some of the frustration comes from and he should have crafted his statements in a better way without the bigotry. Those words have no place in modern society and shouldn’t have said. But if his words are truly from his heart then I disagree with his views and bigotry.
    He has the right to his opinions as long as he doesn’t act on his words.
    With that said he also must face the legal consequences of those words within the jurisdiction upon which he resides.

  4. William Littrell reverse racism isn’t a real thing.

    Also, is the act of vile hate speech not proof of a racist act? You can try to say that this person is being attacked for their cultural values all you want, but DO NOT attempt to paint this individual as a victim. Public opinion and criticism of him are based on his public posts rooted in bigotry, misogyny, and racist ideologies. Promoting ethnic and/or cultural superiority deserves to be attacked, not debated. This isn’t a mob attacking someone. This is the majority of people standing up to misguided ideas and saying they are sick of these ideals being normalized and promoted.

  5. William Littrell We can’t reproduce the statements word for word here because they would be removed because they have been deemed as hate speech. You will have to either go to Mr. Selver’s blog or read the article I have linked.

  6. Maybe it is time for the RCMP to look into why this guy is allowed to possess restricted weapons with his frame of mind and history of threatening people.

  7. The Soo has had enough of bad reputations over the years and this doesn’t help. It’s no secret there is hatred in people with most of it unfounded. We can either allow this hatred to be strong by hiding our heads in the sand or stand up and let everyone know we don’t want it. There is consequences to our actions and words.

  8. Surely there are more pressing concerns for Batchewana FN to deal with than the opinions and ideologies of others.

    All of this rebuking, censoring and censuring those we disagree with is ridiculous. I do not know how our people became such overly sensitive and easily offended snowflakes. People are too fragile today.

    • People should learn to not be “hurt” by alternative opinions, ideologies and discourses. But, today’s postmodernists, identity and grievance studies academics continue to encourage people to embrace victimhood culture and mentality. Somehow embracing victimhood culture became noble.

    • Snowflake is weak.. standing against injustice and not permitting a business to operate while being hateful to the very people whose land you’re on? That is strength. It’s not about hurt.. it’s about we as a society should not still have to put up with people calling colored people niggers and Muslims filthy piss drinking swine.

    • @Dana: Privilege? I will let you know I am Anishinaabe and a status Indian. I grew up poor and without a father. I was raised by a mother who attended residential school. So please tell me about my “privilege.” Or, are you judging me by my skin colour because I do not fit the anachronistic image of what you think a native person must look like?

    • Ken Cyrette the fact that you defend him and his beliefs is appalling. No one is stopping him from saying whatever he wants but there are real consequences to those comments which he is feeling now. Censorship is not disagreeing with…censorship is nit refusing to do business with him…censorship would be FB and the sites where he posts his raciest blogs to delete him or edit his comments. (Unfortunately that has yet to happen) He continues to spew hate and racism and intolerance and people are simply saying they will not do business with him and allow him to profit from their land. If you say you are “a status Indian” and you DON’T take exception to his racists comments I’m afraid that says way more about you! Shameful!

    • @Jonathan: Let people have their opinions.

      It is not your role or the role of anyone else to censure, rebuke or re-educate someone because you disagree with him or her.

    • From what I have read from his page and these comments are a lot of people that HATE him for his political and cultural beliefs which puts him in any other minority victim class, there’s a majority of people throughout Algoma that are prejudiced against ultra conservative Canadian people, these are the same people who label Donald Trump a Nazi & Racist when neither label apply, people who use these label only watch CBC, Global, CTV, CNN, CBS, ABC & NBC which only report issues with a sensibility that pleases them. They don’t seek out any kind of news outlets that express both sides of an issue with any detail.
      Dana Ann by name calling you are basically no different than what people are accusing Selvers of and shows you have no legitimate argument & no facts.
      There’s a bit of reverse racism, cultural bigotry and political bigotry being expressed towards him and Ken Cyrette

    • He can say whatever the hell he wants to in this country….
      AND those in disagreement don’t have to put up with it.
      Good for you Batchewana!!!! It’s 2019, these types of idiots dont want to change their mentality, leave them behind. Maybe when his wallet takes the hit he’ll figure it out!!!!

    • If that man wants to behave akin to a Nazi, he should take his act elsewhere. The Batchewana government is well within their rights and duties here.

    • Ken Cyrette I would like to point out that wilful promotion of hatred is illegal in Canada. It’s not even about freedom of expression or censorship, because hate speech isn’t protected under the charter. What he’s saying is criminal, plain and simple.

    • If you move into my home and operate a business out of it then talk about how all people like me are scum then you can get out of my house and see if someone else would let you get away with that type of injustice.

      Put the shoe on the other foot for a second. Maybe folks with white skin have a hard time understanding this but pretend for a second to understand if you were Selver’s targeted minority how sending him away is a logical way to deal with him. If a first nations person put a shop on your street and called for mistreatment of Caucasian folks, would the business be permitted to remain open even if and when there looks to be a safety threat? It’s not rocket science, and it feels like everyone has the ability to understand this, they just choose not to because they don’t like anybody who is different from a straight white male? #makeamericahate

    • ਸਰਦਾਰ ਗੁਰਵਿਂਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਦੂਸਾਂਝ Sindar Gurwinder Singh Dusanjh laugh all you want at my post.
      I will defend your culture, political views and religious beliefs the same as Dave Selver.
      Dave’s rhetoric is a bit strong, but no one can legitimately prove any act of racism on his part.
      As for his remarks about the Trudeau government similar remarks were made about the Harper and Mulroney governments and not a peep was mentioned.
      All I ask is the you research everything in depth.
      The difference between political views and religious politics is those who are religious only believe what they agree with they only watch & read certain news and information sources putting all their faith into them, instead of using a balance of sources which cover all sides of the story.

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