Be Cautious On The Ice

snowmobile ice

As trail conditions begin to deteriorate and give way to spring weather, the Manitoulin Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wish to remind all Motorized Snow Vehicle (MSV) riders to be attentive and mindful of the hazards warmer weather presents.

The substantial snowfall this winter has produced extreme slush conditions wreaking havoc on area lakes. There are a number of concerns in regards to these types of calls including location and time. With the drop in temperatures during the night, getting stuck in slush could quickly become a life and death situation. Not to mention the unnecessary risk to emergency personnel who respond to these calls under dangerous conditions.

The continually warming temperatures will be creating unstable ice conditions. Many of the small streams that were frozen solid have begun to flow again after the rain last week. The melting snow will expose other hazards to operation such as rocks and fallen trees so please use extra caution whenever you venture out.

Spring weather brings some unique driving challenges for us all with melting, freezing, snow, rain and flooding. These conditions take a serious toll on the roads and we’re going to experience all of them in no particular order over the next few weeks. Please drive cautiously. With temperatures lingering around freezing, wet roads may turn to ice rinks without notice. Deep puddles present serious hazards from hydroplaning to loss of control and they can also hide damaging potholes.

The OPP remind motorists to drive slowly, be prepared and always be mindful of changing road and weather conditions.