Brewery Stack Comes Crashing Down


It was only a matter of time. The hundred plus  year old smoke stack that stood as an iconic structure in the downtown area has come down.

Earlier this week, the building at the base of the stack was demolished following the roof and wall collapse from heavy snow load.  Owner of the property, Riversedge Developments had no choice but to bring the stack down as soon as possible as it was deemed unsafe.

On Saturday morning, with no advance notification, crews pushed the 12 storey stack down with one knock from a bulldozer. The event was captured by Facebook User Jacqui Nagel .

The stack was originally built by the Soo Falls Brewing Company. The company was sold to the Dorans family in 1913. Dorans was sold to Canadian Breweries  in 1977 with a new name, Northern Breweries. The company became defunct in 2006.



  1. My father worked his life in the brewery. He’s been gone over 20 years now but it still saddens me because the brewery was a memory of my dad. I remember going there when I was a kid and getting an ICED COLD bottle of orange crush right off the line. I have to this day to taste anything remotely similar. I realise times ar a changin’, but it’s still sad to me.

  2. Oh no! My cousin who worked there many years became one of the shareholders upon retirement and though she’s passed away—always knew what a heritage place it was! Darn! Not right!!

  3. They wanted to keep it originally..but with no immediate plans for it..AND it being thing to do is take it down.
    It is sad..but it is life in an economic world

    • Jamie Milkovich Suggestion has been made that selected bricks could be made available for a donation that could be directed to a charity. Maybe other bricks could be used as was done on Bruce Street with old road bricks installed along the sidewalk with a plaque commemorating their origin. In this instance a plaque marking the brewery history with a couple of photos of the original building and stack is needed. It’s obvious to some who should be doing this, so we’ll see if they step forward.

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