Cambrian Dental Welcomes New Dentist, Dr. Mirsaeidi

Dr. Kaveh Mirsaeidi

Cambrian Dental has a new associate dentist who’s bringing a new and unique skill set to their team. Dr. Kaveh Mirsaeidi grew up in Vancouver, but is originally from Iran.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Dr. Mirsaeidi and his wife moved to Goulais in October of last year, after driving around Ontario looking for a small community they felt comfortable starting a family in.

“We visited many small towns, many dental offices, and here, what we saw we liked,” he explained. “So we’ve got the big house with a big backyard set up already, just need the children *laughs*.

He started practicing at Cambrian Dental in January of this year, and also makes the 8-9 hour drive to Mooonee Hospital occasionally.

“So far it’s been great – we love the people here, they’re friendly, so far it’s been everything we’ve expected and more.”

Dr. Mirsaeidi – who used to be an engineer – went into dentistry because he likes medical sciences, mechanics and working with his hands. “I’m good with my hands, and I enjoy using my hands to do things, so those things in combination together kind of brought me to this field.”

He doesn’t currently have a specialty, but trained in the area of painless dentistry and surgical dentistry.

“I like everything about dentistry, but those are the things that I really like and I take that to heart,” he said. “I always try to make sure my patients are pain-free during and after the procedure.”

His favourite part about his job? Helping people feel better about themselves.

“Somebody walks in here and walks out of here in an hour with something I’ve done that noticeably improves their situation. It’s an immediate gratification you get,” he said.

“Before dentistry I was an engineer, and my undergrad degree was in engineering from Waterloo. I worked as an engineer, and I liked engineering a lot, but what I didn’t like about it was working in these big giant corporations where I couldn’t see a direct effect of my daily work on anybody’s life. There’s a big gap in between. That gap is closed in dentistry. Somebody comes in with pain, they go out without pain. Somebody comes in with a broken tooth, they go out with a healthy tooth. So that immediate gratification, I really like about dentistry.”

Dr. Mirsaeidi offers services in English and Farsi, and has spaces open for new clients.

For more information on him and Cambrian Dental, visit their website here.