City “Not Giving Up” on Future SSM Despite NOHFC Pull-Out

Civic Centre

“I see this as disappointing and frustrating, but it’s not fatal,” Mayor Provenzano assured both City Councillors and council meeting viewers during Monday evening’s meeting, stating that he has no intentions of giving up on the Future Sault Ste. Marie project.

This statement comes in light of the recent decision by NOHFC to terminate their funding, which was 1/3 of the total cost of the project, coming in at $1,400,000.

Provenzano re-enforced his statement by saying that the city’s commitment of $1,333,968, dispersed over three years ($444,656/year) was still being honoured, as is FedNor’s funding for $1,100,000 for 30.24% of eligible costs.

Provenzano explained to concerned Councillors Christian, Gardi and Shoemaker that he has spoken to MPP Ross Romano, who said he will look into it and see what he can do.

As of right now, Provenzano said the City plans to move forward with the project where can afford to do so, and he’ll accept funding from the feds “with open arms” if they change their minds.

He, however, doesn’t want to make a substantial issue out of this, as there are more pressing issues that require funding, such as the lack of a level 3 withdrawal centre and an addictions consult team in the city.

Currently, Provenzano said he plans to invite Ministers Fidelli and Rickford to the Sault to see the “tremendous things happening in the college, university, and in the community,” in hopes that they’ll be more inclined to support initiatives in the city.


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