Traffic lights will be a topic of discussion during Monday evening’s City Council meeting, where staff will be asked to consider the feasibility of disabling advanced green lights at all (or most) of the intersections in the city from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following morning.

“Many traffic signals in Sault Ste. Marie have advanced signals for the better movement of traffic during peak traffic hours; and many drivers have experienced the situation where no other vehicles are at the intersection and the advanced traffic signal is illuminated,” a motion in the agenda states.”During off-peak traffic hours, advanced traffic signals serve only to delay vehicles for a longer period of time at intersections. Delaying vehicles at intersections when such a delay is unwarranted adds to carbon emissions.”

Another traffic related topic being brought to the table during the meeting is traffic signal intersection changes, asking that Public Works and Engineering Services be requested to amend the current policy for major capital works to provide that when unwarranted traffic signals are removed from an intersection, the stop signs that are installed at the intersection shall have flashing red lights above them for a period of not less than one year.

Currently, Sault Ste. Marie’s policy during capital road works projects is to remove unwarranted traffic signals during the reconstruction, which “leads to an adjustment period for motorists who frequently travel the area to familiarize themselves with the new traffic control pattern,” states a motion in the agenda.

“When traffic signals are removed that control all four corners of an intersection, they are typically replaced by a stop sign that only controls traffic at two of the four corners of an intersection,” the motion continues, “It is not currently Sault Ste. Marie’s policy to include a flashing red ligh tabove the traffic signal as a default at the time of the change from a traffic signal-controlled intersection to a stop sign-controlled intersection.

“A flashing red light above a stop sign could be an effective way to assist motorists who frequently travel an area where there has been a change in the traffic control pattern to familiarize themselves with the new traffic control pattern.”


  1. Drivers in the Soo are a different breed. I’ve never met a more inconsiderate, thoughtless and ignorant bunch of drivers anywhere I’ve ever been.
    Even basic parking between lines is a challenge for Soo drivers.
    People here still can’t even figure out a 4 way stop properly. They need very obvious and directed traffic lights.
    Oops my mistake. A good percentage of Soo drivers also think red lights are optional, so traffic lights are moot anyway.

    • Thank you for your heartfelt input @sotnc. I appreciate it very much, however, driving ANYWHERE in the world is a defensive proposition.

      We all learned that in Drivers Ed.

      I’m thinking that driving a bit more slowly would be a good strategy for you, @sotnc, if you are truly finding that ALL Sault drivers are less than stellar.

      I have to agree that SOME Sault drivers need a Drivers Ed. refresher, but the nice thing about the Sault, and those few, carefree, easily distracted drivers is we’ve all got the time to drive slowishly and carefully and get to our destinations EARLY as long as we leave 20 minutes before we need to get where we’re going.

      Please, @sotnc, slow down, smell the roses, and please please find something nice to say about your fellow Saultites to go along with your sincere frustrations

  2. In the 70’s in Sarnia, the lights on thoroughfares would change to blinking Caution after 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and side streets would be flashing Red. It worked great and it did not become a drag race run. When you came to a Red flashing light you would stop and then proceed whereas before, you would need to sit for 45 sec. or more until the light changed. It saved a lot of time.

  3. Soo Michigan uses it’s traffic lights to change after midnight to 6am to flashing red at all intersections. Good traffic control and leesens wait times.

  4. I suggest you go to the meeting Ms. Monica Smith.

    It is my understanding that if you wanted to address your concern to them you
    can right on camera at the mic.

    • Yes, that is true Ms. Belito DiBerardino and Monica Smith. Any citizen of any age can REQUEST to speak at any City Council meeting by:

      1) Walking up to the mic when the podium is clear,
      2) standing there SILENTLY until the Mayor addresses you, then
      3) tell the Mayor you would like to speak to City Council

      The Mayor will then tell you that you will be given the opportunity to speak just before the end of the meeting unless City Council tells you they don’t want to hear what you have to say after having made you wait several hours to give them your input.

      I have personally done this for the last three(3) City Council meetings in a row because less than half of them acknowledged receiving my emails, and only two(2) of them (and NOT my Ward 3 Councillors) eventually answered my questions according to their beliefs (yes/no/undecided), an I, therefore wanted to speak to them when they were all together about:

      a) Having City Council implement a Policy that guarantees our Mayor and Council, acknowledge ALL emails and phone calls, and answer citizen questions contained in those emails (yes/no/undecided) IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME. (Accountability and Transparency)

      b) Eliminating the financial Conflict of Interest the Taxpayers’ Union Contrat Negotiators have had for the past 20 years which has cost Sault taxpayers literally 10s of millions of tax dollars for nothing, and which has driven both Unionized CITY workers’ pay and benefits, AND Salaried CITY workers’ pay and benefits about 20% higher than people doing the exact same jobs in the private sector. (Lowering taxes and/or providing more services (like fixing more roads) for the same tax payment)

      c) The MASSIVE amount of negative feedback that NOBODY IS HEARING ABOUT including letters from a Grade 1&2 classroom and a 126 Signature Petition from one of the west end schools (now in the possession of the Sault Library Board) to not de-fund the west end, full-service, free, public library at the McMeeken Arena site, plus the literally uncountable number of phone calls and emailsour Mayor and Council received from their west end citizens about our Mayor and Council’s 2019 Budget decision to pay the Librarian(s) and library workers of the Gouslais Avenue Community Centre Library with the $0 our Mayor and Council gave that west end Library to operate once the new mega-Library at the Alexander Henry site opens up later this year. Transparency and Accountability)

      d) Mayor Provenzano’s decision, for no reason at all, to not let me speak as a Delegation about having City Council reverse their west end library de-funding decision REVERSED for the benefit of the citizens of the west end, and especially the children of the west end who are literally the future of Sault Ste. Marie.

      Mayor Provenzano is a very accepting and tolerant leader. The only people and groups he is intolerant of, and who he does not accept, are people who pose ideas disagree with his.

      For some reason Mayor Provenzano is intolerant of my ideas?!?

      And he’s convinced City Council to be intolerant and unaccepting of my ideas as well.

      This City Council has denied me the opportunity to speak four times in the last two City Council meetings, and the Mayor has denied me the opportunity to speak four ADDITIONAL times in the the three most recent City Council meetings (including the the April 1st meetin). Three times from behind closed doors.

      And those denials have mostly been about the SILENCED public outcry to have City Council change their mind about de-funding the Korah Branch Library that west end residents have had for 51 years.

      But be kind to Mayor Provenzano he only has a limited amount of time to undo the massive damage done to our city over the past 25 years.

      Of course there is no need to speak at a City Council meeting if you are getting satisfaction from the City Council members you speak with.

      Citizen Mark Brown

      • Point of Clarification

        At no time did I bring up the matter of age.

        I am interested regardless to read over your input with focused attention.

        Oh before I do that it’s Belsito not Belito in case that was not an innocent oversight. I doubt very much that it was and in case not kindy stop messing with me Mr.Brown. I thought the slang would better suit you with all due respect and credit in the true sense.

      • You certainly do not know me nor my strategy including where I stand on the important and serious issues.

        There was no good reason to even infer mistreatment by me of Mr.Provenzano.

        Nor by the way, I shall add I would not be inconsiderate or violating to the others, on council nor the staff present at meetings.

        Neither anyone else for that matter for goodness sakes at whatever time or location.

        Mr.Brown, restrain yourself from further mind games typed at me or in case about me, please, online or in person.

        • Mr Brown

          I have detected a significant contradiction, in your submission, that as you know did get published and is still showing on screen.

          I do find other very questionable content.

          As to ascertaining need to speak or not, I was surprised that you would think I would need that instruction from you or any other human?

          I want to address your choice of behaviour towards me outside of that meeting room despite your subdued manner. You were out of line(analogy). I mean in terms of how you responded after I chose to let you know about private communication. There is no doubt about that in my own mind. I shall clarify my reference being in respect, I meant to present counsel and various staff.

      • Hi Ms. Belsito DiBerardino,

        I’m sorry for the misspelling of your name. It was a typo, and I did not proofread my submission. It will not happen again.

        I addressed my comments to both you and Monica Smith, but my comment about not being too hard on Mayor Provenzano was intended for anyone who read my comment to that point, including myself, because Mayor Provenzano (and City Council) have a lot on their plate after 25 years of neglect of our city’s infrastructure, and after the steel plant’s $40 Million dollars worth of Assessment disappearance, and trying to keep everything on the rails while making life better for us everyday citizens.

        Mayor Provenzano and this City Council have a tremendous responsibility to successfully turn this city around, and although I may disagree with a few of the things I feel are critical in that effort, I am extremely glad to have this Mayor and Council setting the direction, and implementing their vision of the future of our community.

        When I disagree their choices I will politely, persistently and respectfully let them know how I feel because as a citizen it is my life, and the lives of my family, friends, neighbours and local online commenting acquaintances like you, Ms. Belsito DiBerardino, and most importantly our descendants who are and will be most affected by the choices of our Mayor and Council make today.

        FYI, Ms. Belsito DiBerardino, I am an active citizen so I can pay tribute to all those who fought and kept the peace in conflicts around the world so that I might enjoy the freedoms that their efforts afford me.

        Plus, citizens can also speak to our Mayor and Council to give them the credit and praise they deserve at a City Council using the method outlined above.

        That would be nice for them having everyday citizens praise them while the cameras are rolling considering all of the good and hard work they put in on our behalf at the expense of their time with their families.

        Extremely well done Mayor Provenzano, and City Council!!

        I’ll continue to let you know when I disagree with you based on my life experience.

        Keep up the great work Mayor Provenzano and Council. I appreciate it very much.

        BTW Ms. Belsito DiBerardino, nothing in this post, or my previous post was to meant to offend you in any way, and I apologize to you unreservedly if it did.

        Sincerely and respectfully,
        Citizen Mark Brown

    • Did you even read the story?

      1. It notes a suggestion to eliminate advanced turn signals at night when traffic volumes do not warrant the need for them.

      2. It recommends actions to take when a lighted intersection is changed to a stop sign only intersection.

      Not only do we have some of the worst automobile operators on the planet in this city we have many, many people who can’t comprehend English.

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