Council to Look Into Upgrading Public Works Vehicles


After a lengthy discussion about semantics, City Council unanimously passed a motion during Monday evening’s meeting to look into directing staff to include a $250,000 increase to the public works vehicle reserve in the 2020 preliminary budget, as well as to look into providing further increases of $250,000 in the 2021 and 2022 preliminary budgets respectively, pending a Fleet Services Program Review planned for 2020.

This funding would allow the Public Works Department to replace the aging vehicles plus the five vehicles they lost this winter, including a trackless, 4 blowers and a snow plow, to either repair or irreparable damage.

“The age of the winter control equipment makes the challenge of keeping the City streets free and clear of snow and ice more difficult,” states a report in the City Council agenda.

At the moment, the Public Works reserve is insufficient to replace the vehicles that need to be replaced across the entire public works department, including the vehicles needed for winter control and maintenance.

Public Works requested a budget increase of $750,000 this year to address its vehicular needs but did not receive that increase.


  1. Hey look, in three years we’ll have the money we need to replace the vehicles we need now…. somehow this doesn’t fill me with pride for my city. That this is something that wasn’t planned for in advance shows a level of budgeting fit for a teenager just starting out.

    • Mark Hindermeier you wouldn’t believe how many times I posted this video!!! I personally showed a couple board of works employees this video and they laughed and said it wouldn’t work here!!! No kidding , because Larry Girardi has to go!!! Total morons!!

  2. Just start clearing the freaking snow what’s the holdup Jeepers Murphy my street is like a downhill mogul and the snow banks are like a double black diamond on Whistler Mountain let’s get her going you guys making a career out of this…. let’s go

    • Shawn Cadamuro Yes I totally agree everywhere I went today I was scared to drive out of the parking lot and click back onto the street that I needed to get onto because I couldn’t see any traffic coming people see you trying to create boat and they speed up

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