Foreigner Shows the Sault What Love Is (Gallery)

Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

The Sault may be “Cold as Ice,” but people at the GFL Memorial Gardens were “Hot Blooded” on Tuesday night as they jammed out to the “Jukebox Heroes” – Foreigner.

This was the ninth stop on their Cold As Ice tour, which kicked off in Vancouver on Feb. 22. The next stop on this tour takes the band to Sudbury on Mar. 7.


  1. Thought they were great. Tears came to my eye watching the kids sing “I wanna know what love is” with the band (and the crowd).
    We usually get nosebleed seats for a concert because half the time we end up standing for a good, birds-eye view. And, the arena is small.
    Tonight my brother preferred to sit in our seats, so we did. We were three rows from the top. A group of five persons decided to stand up and dance for the first few songs, blocking the view of everyone seated behind. I mentioned (politely) to one of them, who was rather tall, that I couldn’t see, and she sharply remarked that I’d have to stand. I wouldn’t have seen anything standing anyway- she was very tall- and I would have ended up blocking the view of the persons seated behind me. So, shall I take it that those who use canes and wheelchairs, who often sit at the very top row, are persona non grata? I totally understand dancing at a rock concert, but they could have done it on the floor, or around the top of the arena..grab a standing spot. We ended up leaving and standing. I advised security just out of principle…I didn’t expect they’d do anything, because, hey, its a rock concert, right? But I was amazed at the lack, no absence, of consideration for anyone else. And this wasn’t a case of ‘kids being kids’…one of the ‘kids’ had grey hair, lol

    • You obviously haven’t been to any MODERN concerts in toronto whwere 3000 people are standing and sitting is not an option

  2. Like paying to see the Beatles and Beatlemania shows up instead?? $100 / ticket for a clone band ….no Lou Gramm, no Mick Jones, not one original member….no thx

  3. IMHO ….Like paying to see the Beatles and Beatlemania shows up instead?? $100 / ticket for a clone band ….no Lou Gramm, no Mick Jones, no thx…….

    • Jukeboxherotribute click on the jukebox and listen to the clips..amazing band..if the dragrace committee in Wawa hire this band…they will be playing in Wawa this year..they play mostly in the states..Newyork, calorado, ohio..this year they are going there plus California, and Louisianna

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