Former Northern Brewery Building Tear-Down to Include Smoke Stack

Northern Breweries Sault Ste. Marie

Tear down of the old Northern Brewery continues today, but what is the fate of the historical smoke stack?

SaultOnline reached out to the city, who said “there’s no record of a historical designation for the property,” meaning the stack will be torn down along with the rest of the building.

Northern Breweries, founded in 1907, began in Sudbury as Sudbury Brewing and Malting Co. It began to expand in 1911, with the purchase of the Soo Falls Brewing Co. here in Sault Ste. Marie, and again in 1913 when Fort William-based Kakabeka Falls Brewing Co. was acquired.

In 1919, the company established its Doran’s Brewery division in Timmins, and it acquired Port Arthur Beverage Co., in Port Arthur, in 1948.

Each of the breweries operated under their original names until 1960, when they were all consolidated under one management, becoming Doran’s Northern Breweries.

The company switched hands between 1971 and 2004, eventually declaring bankruptcy in July of 2006. By this point, the brewery was $7 million in debt. By December of the same year, the company was non-exsistent.

In 2011, the building located here in the Sault was acquired by Renaissance Place Corporation, with hopes of making it a mixed condominium and retail site. These plans, however, were dashed when the building was damaged by arson in 2013.

In 2015, locally-owned company Riversedge Developments purchased the site, but unfortunately many of the original buildings were deemed unsafe and could not be salvaged.



  1. Sorry to say that it is sad too see that all things come to an end.
    Don’t forget to take the Brewery block signs down.

    • The truth of the reality of your claim is that not all comes to an end.

      Definitely not in my choice of perspective, ways, beliefs in accordance to true rights and freedoms.

      My response is without any wrong motive or purpose without a doubt in my mind.

  2. I do not see why it means so much to some considering all the harm that was done through that place.

  3. Good riddance. This city holds on to old stuff for no good reason other than memories all while people are leaving to find jobs. Keep those sad dreams of yesterday alive! If you love old stuff so much move to Jamestown and really get into those vintage soo memories!

  4. you would think that with all the alcohol that was brewed in this old brewery, the walls would have been preserved 😀 It’s sad another piece of our history is being torn down before it could be saved!

  5. This historic landmark was a hazard. It had bricks falling off it. No supports. We are lucky it didnt come down.

    I understand people want to hang onto history but its not always possible

  6. Get pictures while you seems the people who could actually do something to preserve the history of this town just don’t care at all. Nobody respects history anymore 🙁

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