Gas Jumps 10 cents , Another Hike in Two Weeks


It’s funny how gas can go down a penny at a time, but can jump up a lot quicker. That’s the case today in Sault Ste. Marie , where at least two gas stations jumped their prices by a full 10 cents a litre.

McDougall Energy owned and operated stations , such as Esso and Circle K  jacked prices Wednesday morning from $1.06 a litre to $116.9.  That’s the second hike in three weeks.

If you recall local motorists were treated to cheap gas for the first six weeks of the year where prices were as low as 95 cents by mid February before the cost started going the other way.

Premier Doug Ford promised to drop the carbon tax of 10 cents a litre in last Spring’s Provincial Election.

That cut has not happened yet and in two weeks time the Federal Carbon Tax will be added to the cost of fuel. Prices as of April 1 will just another 4.5 cents a litre .

It’s not certain if other local gas stations will follow suit. Petro Canada was still selling at $1.07 a litre as well as some select Shell stations.


  1. Bridge traffic will be up this weekend as many of us seek better pricing on gas. We might as well pick up a jug of milk and a 12 pack at the same time. When they so called lower the price of gas it comes down one or two cents on a very slow sliding scale. However….when it goes up it always takes a huge leap. I shall leap across the river.

  2. McDougall stations are always the first to raise the price and the last to lower them! I’m all for supporting local business…..but Mcdougall has lost my support a long time ago!!!

  3. On Mar 7, 2019, when McDougall Energy received an award for being one of the best managed companies, its comment included the following: “we continuously strive to maintain a high level of business excellence in serving our customers, while investing in the communities where we live and work.” Isn’t it ironic that for at least the last 2 major increases in the price of gas in this city, within the last 2 weeks, McDougall Energy raised their prices first? -today by 10 cents. Such hypocrisy!!! Since exorbitant profit seems to be McDougall’s only focus, let’s not buy things from their businesses.

  4. Jacking the gas prices is like this is criminal. The government should have stepped in a long time ago and made it a federal offence to just gouge people like they do. Out in Alberta right now it is .89 cents. Why should it be .30 cents more here. We need the pipeline here in Ontario. If not, this is going to continue and worse yet, they will be shipping oil by train and the railway runs through every town and city across this country. If you google how many train derailments have happened in just this past year, you would be shocked!! And why is it that Justin Trudeau says he wants our oil production up and running again at all costs….Really? Then why has he waved any and all Carbon Taxes for Saudi Arabia? Makes you wonder what is in it for Justin Trudeau? What is his incentive here? How many times do we need to catch him being dishonest and seemingly every time he gets caught, he has been paid some monetary incentive to do what he has done.

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