Gas Price Hike Totals 29 Cents Come Monday


We’ve already seen gas prices jump twice in a week and drivers are in for another hike at the pumps starting Monday.

Prices in Sault Ste. Marie shot up from $1.07 a litre to $1.12  last week. This week, price rose again to $119.9 and starting Monday the price will go up again at least 5 cents with the introduction of the Trudeau Carbon Tax.

Dan McTeague of says that consumers in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick will be handing over five cents more per litre as of April 1 but it doesn’t stop there. McTeague says prices will then go up by an additional five to 10 cents a litre several days after that, as a result of seasonal price changes meant to deal with increased summertime demand. If that happens, local drivers will end up paying about 29 cents more than at the beginning of the year when gas prices fell below a dollar a litre.  To make things even worse, consumers will also pay HST on the new carbon tax amount.

The cost of diesel and natural gas will also rise due to the carbon tax starting Monday.




    • This is not Ford’s doing !! This falls squarely in the lap of the wonder boy, the prince who likes to dress up and take selfies. The guy who is working hard for the middle class and those so desperately wanting to join it. LOL ….. The guy who says, don’t worry, your household budget will balance itself even when you work hard, with no relief in sight, to meet your monthly expenditures. Don’t worry folks, be happy, ’cause justin trudeau is in your corner. justin will roll up his sleeves and will go to battle for you. Pipelines….. who needs them ??? Trudeau should as heck doesn’t. justin has too few seats west of Ontario to worry about pipelines. And yet, polls show that many out there still think the pompous pm is considered the best leader of the major parties. ahh…ahh,..Unbelievable !!!

  1. What is your elected MP saying about all this? That is where your anger should be directed. Ford has nothing to do with this. He, in fact is totally against the carbon $$ grab.
    I have called Sheehan on many occasions but he is just to busy to respond.
    He is a coward and I surely hope no one in this city thinks he has done anything to help anyone.
    Shopping on the American side will only become more expensive as the Canadian dollar is tanking rapidly.

  2. Well that makes it a no brainer, Sault Michigan gasoline will work fine in our vehicles and works out to about .89cents Canadian per litre

  3. And yet all you bitchers are ignoring the screwing Fatty Ford has been giving us since he was elected…And you can vote in whoever you want next time around, none of this crap will be repealed by the next party ’cause it’s a money maker for the government…

  4. Traffic on the International bridge will once again increase.
    People are tired of being gouged year in, year out.

  5. Absolutely ridiculous. How about removing the cap on the home care workers wage so we can afford to run our vehicles to keep these seniors in their own homes like they want. Where are wage increases to compensate for the rise of everything else.

    • Craig Hope yep going to michigan he wants everyone to be poor so he cab sick his noise up at the rest of us ,pretty boy NEVER worked a day in his life daddy gave him everything spoild rotton brat

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