Let’s ERAD: Eliminate Racism and Discrimination by Celebrating Diversity


Today, March 21, the Sault College community united to commemorate an important historical event and the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Events are being held on campus throughout the day to raise awareness and promote a greater understanding of racism and discrimination while celebrating diversity and tolerance. Some of the day’s events include: the sharing of cultural music, turban tie demonstration, henna tattoos, informational booths and activities, and much more.

Sault College is focused on creating and maintaining a campus and workplace that respects, embraces and values diversity. Our College continues to lead by example and is committed today and every day to working towards its collective goal of providing an inclusive and respectful environment for all.

“I am extremely proud of our College and the work we have done and continue to do to eliminate barriers and promote a respectful environment for all. We hope to inspire others to continue the path towards inclusion,” said Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College. “Our campus is a true reflection of Canada’s diverse and multi-cultural heritage. On March 21 and every day, we will continue to celebrate all of the differences among us that collectively make our campus and society truly exceptional.”

Each of us plays an important role in combatting racial discrimination through our words and actions. The events of March 21 aim to encourage positive communication and the sharing of experiences, and promote inclusivity of all people. Together, we all contribute to the elimination of discrimination and we encourage the community to join together to support and celebrate the amazing diversity within our community.