Love for Music Brings People Together as Part of Fishbowl Fest


Vinyl enthusiasts braved the weather to attend the Fishbowl Festival’s Vinyl Listening Party and trivia event at Maker North on Sunday.

This event – where people can bring their own vinyl to share with everyone, as well as buy vinyl from various retailers –  is just one of the many put on during the Fishbowl Festival – a community, food, arts and culture festival that runs from Feb. 20 – Mar. 20 each year.

“We all take turns listening to each others’ records and sometimes we’ll trade, sometimes we’ll look through each other’s crates,” said Shane Erickson, one of the event planners and the event’s DJ. “So it’s a great way to celebrate a vinyl collection if you have one, or start one if you don’t.”

Erickson said he thinks these events are a great way to bring people “from all walks of life” together.

“Whether you’re young, old, whatever,” he said. “We just all get together around a shared love for music, and it’s good.”

This year is the first year Maker North has been involved in the festival, as the location as only been open since June of 2018.

“As a makerspace, we’re excited to bring different people and different materials and different venues that mesh together,” co-owner Joseph Bertrand told SaultOnline.

“We’ve always thought outside of the box at Maker North, so we’ve invited some of our passion into the space through vinyl and music.”

As well as hosting the event at their location, they also 3D printed vinyl disc toppers for attendees.

Bertrand said he thinks being able to do this is important as “it builds a base of people who rely on each other to be able to host things and promote arts, learning, technology, all in the same space.”

“Inviting people together is never a bad thing in my mind. At a makerspace, we get a variety of different artists and people who create things, so you know what? If you’re a musical creator, that’s a natural fit for us,” he explained.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry. Erickson said they try to hold vinyl listening parties every few months at various locations. To keep up-to-date on these events, click here to be added to the mailing list.