Marlee is Found! Family Grateful For All The Help


It’s nice to end the week with some good news. You may recall the story a few days ago on about the missing dog named Marlee.

She’s been missing for about 9 days since escaping her yard on Pine Street near McNabb.

Owner Melissa Leask has been frantically looking for her two year old dog along with several other for days – with very few clues as to her whereabouts.

The dog was spotted near Sault College and the MapleView retirement home. That was a about a week ago, but no sightings since then.

Today however Marlee was found in good condition near the rental units on Second Line across from the Circle K store .

Leask of course is very relived her buddy is back with her family and thanks all for helping bring Marlee home.


  1. This is great news!! I thought of Marlee all the way home from work today ( Sault College area) speaking out loud to myself of course asking her to come out so that someone will see her. I am so happy and grateful to all of the people who helped in finding her.

  2. You know, we really do live in a great town with caring people. I’m so proud of everyone that helped find this dog (family member). Great story!

  3. It was very emotional for everyone that was there. Many people going through the bush, including myself, at times sinking up to our waist.
    Marlee was very happy to see her momma.
    Thx Craig for posting the story & using my pic 😊

  4. I am so happy for Melissa and her family! You must all have such a sense of relief and happiness. You can finally have a good night sleep.

  5. I am so glad Marlee is home safe !! I can surely relate to how Melissa was feeling as my boy Shipley went missing for 12 days after l rescued him from Northern critters in need the day previous…We ended live trapping Shipley on the coldest night of the year 3 years ago…The community at that time was a huge support as well and l could of never done it without the Community….Shipley now realizes he has a good home and doesn’t leave the yard!! I was so happy for Melissa and Marlee!! HUGS!!

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