New Highrise Apartment Building Planned for Gladstone Ave.


Sault Ste. Marie city council will learn further to a new 12 storey apartment complex planned for vacant land on Gladstone ave and McDonald Ave.

The Developers , Joe Ruscio, Dan Ruscio  and John Martella , described the apartments as ‘luxury units’ with substantial amenity areas. The target market is seniors and the close proximity of the Collegiate Heights Retirement Home is seen as an asset. The applicant indicated the overall concept is similar to the recently constructed apartments as part ofthe Sault Finnish Rest Home on North Street.Although floor plans and the overall dwelling split have not been finalized, construction is anticipated to take approximately 1.5 years and include pile driving for the building’s foundation.

The 12-storey building will be a prominent fixture of the city’s skyline. The developers are proposing acontemporary building. Utilizing 4 distinct façade treatments (glass, grey brick, white paneling and yellow rectangular accents) will break up the monotony of a homogeneous façade and provide visual interest when viewed from a distance.

The proposed site and lot configuration will mitigate any potential impacts (such as aesthetics, rear yard privacy and shading effects) upon adjacent properties to the north and west. Apart from the church to the east, there is no development along Gladstone Avenue. The dominantland use to the south is the existing Collegiate Heights Retirement Home. The proposed apartment building is well setback from all lot lines and will not impact existing views from this portion of ‘the hill’. Given the size of the development, Site Plan Control is of critical importance, to ensure technical matters such as servicing and drainage are appropriately designed, constructed and maintained over the long term. Given the prominence of the development, Site Plan Control will also be utilized to ensure that exterior development details such as landscaping and façade design (for both the apartment building and parking garages) are of a high quality.

This development is just one of many new developments coming before council this year.


  1. The agenda for tomorrow has a motion on it to accept the high density residential change for this property as it is parks and recreation now. Please let the neighbourhood know so they may send in their objections. For all of us that remember when they closed the school, I wonder if this land was designated to stay as park and recreation?

  2. In case you do not know there is time allotted at local council/staff open public meetings for input from other than themselves.

    It need not be prearranged for the agenda.

    You are free to go to the mic and speak on camera after the agenda or during the meeting to my observation relevant to the matter at hand (analogy) Invited or not by chair person so it seems to me.

  3. How could they possibly have chosen that architectural design?

    Did staff in planning actually approve it?

    Besides what person over whatever age designated “senior” would want to rent there ?

    I mean considering the mentality regarding the long term picture.

  4. This is GREAT!!! Keep the nice developments coming and please continue to bring in great housing opportunities which will attract a more diverse population. Couldn’t love this more and so happy to see that it’s just a hop skip and a jump from my business! Wonderful development!

      • Bryan… Perhaps not,but in Windsor there are several new “affordable” housing developments underway. There are developers who recognize the need, and the potential.

    • Brad… Newer high-end accommodation results in those who can afford it to leave existing buildings, thereby opening up more units overall.

  5. These gentlemen are private builders. Let them build what they want. Brings jobs to our community which will keep people employed!

  6. This is awful and would completely change the ambiance of a quiet, peaceful family neighborhood. All those residents staring down into every backyard around. Not to mention the environmental disruptions and loss of yet another green space. You can send a request to refuse approval to Jonathan Kircal of the Planning Department. Must be received by end of day Monday April 01 – either via email to [email protected]. or drop it off in person to the Civic Centre (99 Foster Drive)

  7. As others have stated, the Sault needs more AFFORDABLE housing, NOT “luxury” apartments. Rents are already becoming unreasonably high since all the out of town management companies have taken over a lot of the apartment buildings in town and raised rent

    • I’m sure the develops did their due diligence and would not build if they didn’t have a business case to fill the units.

  8. We need more AFFORDABLE housing in this town, not more high end…Even most of the nursing homes are above what the average citizen can afford… We are not Toronto, for petes sake….

  9. I’m curious why only some houses that are impacted on Lansdowne were notified. I feel that it would have been more appropriate to notify the entirety of the affected areas and not just part.

    Also, what’s going on with the new fire hall that’s also supposed to go in that area?

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