Police Make Arrest in Downtown Bomb Threat

sault police

A bomb threat made in the downtown area Friday has led to an arrest and charges .

On Friday afternoon around 4pm, Sault Ste Marie Police Services were notified concerning a bomb threat surrounding a building in the 400 block of Queen Street East.

Police closed a portion of Queen Street in front of the court house as well as Elgin Street from Bay Street To Queen Street.

Police have arrested a person, whose name is not being released with one count of mischief and one count of breach of probation.

No one was hurt in the incident nor was there any damage to the building. Police opened up the downtown area late Friday Afternoon



  1. What difference does it make? What reason does anyone have for needing to know the suspect’s name?
    Will you recognize him/her walking down the street, and harangue them?

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