Power Surge May Have Triggered Fire at Algoma Steel


Flames and  thick black smoke could be seen from the stacks at Algoma Steel Saturday morning.

A power surge, experienced by most of the area around 10:30am Saturday may have a triggered a fire in the coke ovens SaultOnline.com was told.

Many on social media were alarmed by the thick black smoke as it encompassed the steel plant following a power failure leaving the operation in the dark for about an hour.

No reports of injuries or damages at this point.  This story will be updated when more information is available. 


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  2. OMG the power went out in the plant . #7 furnace went down so when that happens all the coke oven dors are opened , hence black smoke . he flames are from the overflow torches and the flare stack on #7 ovens to burn and release gas instead of it building up ! . NO the world is not ending !

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