Riversedge Reacts to Northern Brewery Tear-Down


As you’ve read in previous posts on SaultOnline, the former Northern Breweries building succumbed to the heavy snow this year, resulting in the need to tear it down as a safety precaution.

SaultOnline reached out to Riversedge Developments, the company who owns the property, about this matter.

Owner Justus Veldman said, despite their efforts to save the building over the last three years while they were looking for options for using it, they decided to take it down after the wall collapsed.

Unfortunately, the smokestack is included in the demolition.

“It looked really great right beside that building, but the smokestack by itself in the middle of a parking lot is not the most appealing,” he said.

Although Veldman wouldn’t comment on how much money they’ve spent on this site, he did say the tear-down “isn’t cheap.”

Veldman said plans to turn the lot into a residential development are still in store for the future, despite this setback.

Veldman and Riversedge Developments purchased the buildings and land following demolition of the north side of the building that was deemed unsafe following a fire in the vacant brewery.  Riversedge was also instrumental in cleaning up the industrial lands and buildings that once was home to St. Marys Paper Mill.

“This takes out 8,000 square feet, but the overall plan doesn’t change and any new design will incorporate the former brewery block look and feel,” he explained. “Yes it’s an important building and it would’ve been beautiful to keep, but it doesn’t necessarily change the go-forward from a residential perspective for the site.”

Tune in to ONNtv next week for Lou-Anne Young’s Top Story interview with¬† Veldman.


  1. I say the stack should remain it is a marker for the soo…there have been way too many historical buildings torn down…im sure all those buildings could have been saved…like the bank at the corner of john and st georges to build what another friggin tim hortons what 25 in the soo isn’t enough !!!!!

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