Sheehan Announces 900 New Jobs In Northern Ontario


The Government of Canada is working to protect the environment while creating good jobs and economic opportunities for Canadians.

Today, the Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, Terry Sheehan, announced on behalf of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, that the Magino Gold Project can proceed to help support clean economic growth following a thorough and sciencebased environmental assessment process.

“Successful environmental assessments lead to economic development for our communities. The Magino Gold Mine Project, like other projects in Northern Ontario that have gone through a rigorous environmental assessment by the Agency, can proceed to create hundreds of good jobs for the community and support clean economic growth.” said,  Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie

The project, proposed by Prodigy Gold Incorporated, consists of the construction, operation, decommissioning, and abandonment of an open pit gold mine and onsite metal mill located near Dubreuilville, Ontario.

“The Government is working to protect the environment while creating good jobs and growing the economy. My decision is based on rigorous scientific evidence, extensive Indigenous and public consultations and conditions to protect the land, water, wildlife and Indigenous rights. The successful environmental assessment of this project could lead to hundreds of short and long term jobs in the mining sector, all while doing right by the environment.” said, Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

The project, valued at $427 million, could create up to 550 jobs during construction and 350 during operations over the life of the project. The project proponent has committed to hiring locally, providing competitive wages and salaries, and working with regional and local educational institutions to coordinate training and maximize employment opportunities for local residents and Indigenous groups. The proponent also committed to maximizing local purchasing throughout all phases of the project.

By working with Canadians to ensure good projects move forward, the Government of Canada is helping create good jobs and protecting the environment.

In making her decision, the Minister considered the Environmental Assessment Report and the comments received from the public and Indigenous groups.  The Government’s Interim Approach and Principles for environmental assessments ensures that project decisions are informed by meaningful consultations with Indigenous peoples, public input and scientific evidence, including Indigenous knowledge, and an assessment of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Minister’s Decision Statement establishes 120 conditions to protect fish and fish habitat, migratory birds, human health, the current use of lands and resources for traditional purposes, and species at risk, and includes mitigation measures and requirements for a follow-up program that the proponent must fulfill.


  1. Nice to hear, but will they give a fair chance to those who have done major Bhangra in their lives to improve themselves including looking for work with no experience to be employed

  2. He and the rest of his “no influence” backbenchers should be seriously considering crossing the floor before the ship goes down. But, they’re just sheeple.

  3. They make it sound like the liberals are responsible for these jobs , the mining company did there due diligence ,now the govt is supply the environmental permits , now they must get provincial and municipal permits to move forward , Terry be prepared to pack your bags and move home in October

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