Significant Storm Brewing For The Weekend.. (Maybe)


Today is what March is supposed to feel like. Starts off cool then add some bright the sun  and you can feel the warmth . The melting begins and everything is good.

That is, until Mother Nature throws us a curve ball . The most recent threat of the return to snowy weather comes from a state side born low pressure system that is actually producing blizzard conditions in the plains of the U.S.  this low is tracking due east and north .  Another system track north east originating from the gulf states is carrying with it a lot of moisture.  It’s the northern low that we’re concerned about.

We will sit on the northern edge of this system so if it does track more east, we could see more of a snow – wind event. If the low tracks north east we could see some freeing rain to rain. Either way, our temperatures will remain fairly mild for the periods before a short dip early next week then rebounding to plus 4 to plus 6 by next weekend.

Special weather statement in effect for:

Sault Ste. Marie – St. Joseph Island
Searchmont – Montreal River Harbour – Batchawana Bay
Significant snowfall likely late Saturday night into Sunday with risk of freezing rain.

Snow associated with an approaching Colorado low is expected to develop late Saturday night and persist until late Sunday. Total snowfall accumulations of 10 to 20 cm are possible in some regions.

There is also a risk of freezing rain in some areas.

Motorists should be prepared for hazardous winter driving conditions. Snowfall warnings may be issued for some areas as the event draws nearer.


  1. Craig…just wondering where you got your plus 4 and 6 temps for next weekend. Every model i checked shows colder air next weekend.

  2. Time ahead change appears to be slated for this Sunday in this area of the world.

  3. Is someone I wonder messing around with my posts or perhaps I missed the one that I thought had disappeared from here. By that I mean wrongfully removed with all due respect in the true sense.

    I know I am not losing it lololol !

  4. I wonder why one of my posts disappeared in which I conveyed that there could be inclement kind of whether on the way not necessarily though a storm in not all those exact words.

    Time will tell indeed.

    I am wondering whether the time is ahead at this point for the area or not ?

    • Remains to be seen whether an actual storm or more snow of the removal needing kind with freezing rain type mixture of hassles and danger.

  5. Could the author of the forecast be deliberately messing with the readership ?

    Oh my lololol not condoning in the least or mocking at all what could be indeed the answer ?

    Have we been baited and hooked by manipulative action by who could be seeking attention ?

    lolol ………not mockery…….lolol

  6. First time I read or became aware therefore of such a forecast.

    That is meant with all due respect in the true sense.

    I want to look into this more when I expect to have time later this evening.

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