Still Lots of Snow To Melt Before Spring Actually Arrives


The days are getting longer and we’re starting to see more warmth from the sun, but man, is Spring taking its time to take hold.

After 368cm of snow this year, November to March 25, 2019 – Sault Ste. Marie Ontario still has 52cm on the ground.

You can clearly see where the snowline is on this satellite image . It shows that all of Northern Ontario is still with snow while heading south into Michigan , the snow starts to disappear around the West Branch area.

Courtesy NOAA

Spring weather meanwhile will try to win over the cold and snow. Forecast for the rest of the week has temperatures hovering in the plus 5c range with a possibility of light rain showers for Thursday, but Winter will try to win out once again this weekend with a chance of 2 to 6cm of snow by Sunday and colder temperatures.



    • You’re not kidding, Mr. Ritter.

      I will believe that this winter though is history when I see and feel it myself.

      I know you did not bring up my latter point.

  1. Another year where we seem to skip SPRING and move right into summer…in June. Actually a slow melt is better for everyone….in a couple of weeks things will look a whole lot better.

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