The Marconi Cultural Event Centre Inc. – is headed for modernization!

left to right , Nadia Sartor, Manager at Sar-Gin Developments Sault Ltd., Kent Floreani, Owner of Azure Medispa, Headlines Hair & Day Spa & Floreani, O’Toole & Dool Orthodontics & Dino Biasucci, Owner of WINMAR®

Established in 1912, The Marconi Event Centre has been a community staple in Sault Ste. Marie & area. After over 100 years, it is being revamped and rebranded to prepare for modernization. With the announcement of new changes and new leaders, comes a sustainable business model that will thrive in the competitive food and event planning business.

A group of successful business leaders have joined forces to volunteer their skills & experience to lead the charge. The public can expect exciting changes to the Marconi including upgrades to the facility and the guest experience.

One of the business leaders, Dr. Kent Floreani, is passionate about the changes to come. He had this to say about the addition of take-out “Most of us have grown up loving the quality and taste of the food served at the Marconi, and that won’t change! The food will carry the Marconi name and hand made quality we have all come to appreciate, but will be much easier for families to grab & go with online ordering, pre-ordering and ready to go hot or frozen meals.”

He also had this to say about the individuals volunteering their time and expertise with this initiative, “I’m so proud of this community we live in, and thankful for this group of industry leaders who are donating their time, talents & resources to this great place!”

One of the group members, Nadia Sartor, Manager at Sar-Gin Developments had this to say about the initiative, “We all want the same thing for the Marconi; to be a leader in Italian culture and that we will keep! It has been THE place to get married and host memorable family parties and we have ideas to make that even better.” Another group member, Dino Biasucci, owner & operator of WINMAR® stated, “We’re thrilled to be able to work alongside one of the oldest establishments in Sault Ste Marie and to preserve that legacy. Our family owned & operated company will be completing the major renovations needed to revamp the facility.”

“The food at the Marconi has always been a strength and now we will make it more accessible to the customer. Furthermore, we will be experimenting with new dishes for the public to try,” Says Chuck Gassi, recently recruited General Manager of the Marconi. Gassi’s extensive experience in take-out and the restaurant business will be carrying these ideas forward.

Chuck Gassi, General Manager at the Marconi Event Centre

He had this to say about his new role as General Manager, “It’s exciting to see the changes,which are already starting to happen, and what’s to come. This has been a challenging position in the past, but I’m looking forward to being a part of the next chapter in the Marconi’s history.”


  1. It seems to me that if I went public given the choice through here with what I really think it would not be the right choice.

  2. I wish them good luck, they have a long way to go to catch up to the food quality at the competitors. Hopefully further money invested in the place goes for the intended purposes.

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