Top Achievers Recognized at Annual President’s Academic Excellence Scholarship Ceremony


Sault College proudly takes every opportunity to celebrate its amazing students! Last night was no exception as qualifying top first year students were honoured at the annual President’s Academic Excellence Scholarship Ceremony. More than 145 first year students, each who achieved an overall grade point average of 4.0, were recognized at the ceremony for their outstanding academic achievements.

“I am honoured to stand beside each of these students and personally recognize and celebrate them for their amazing commitment to academic excellence,” said Dr. Ron Common, Sault College President. “It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to achieve this and each of these students deserves the recognition that comes along with this scholarship. On behalf of Sault College, I would like to extend sincere congratulations to these students. Keep reaching for your amazing!”

Recognizing student achievements through the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards (SBA) program has been a pillar of our institution since 1972. To complement this, the following first-year students, who applied online to the SBA program, were recognized at the 2018-19 President’s Academic Excellence Scholarship ceremony for achieving a 4.0 GPA in the fall semester:


Aitkenhead Construction Techniques
Alkosani Business
Silas Allen Aviation Technology (Flight)
Salima Alli OTA/PTA
Iris Alvarado Public Relations & Event Management
Rudra Amin Health Care Administration
Connor Anderson Aviation Technology (Flight)
Samantha Barrett BScN
Thea Barsanti Practical Nursing
Jillian Batelaan Natural Environment Technologist – Conservation & Management
Richard Beharriell Computer Programmer
Julia Bellerose Pre-Health Sciences (Advanced Diplomas & Degrees)
Kulveer Kaur Benipal Mobile Applications Design
Nicole Bonin Social Service Worker – NS
Isaac Boudreau Robinson Aviation Technology (Flight)
Brar Project Management
Dylan Bringleson Mechanical Engineering Technician – Manufacturing
Shannon Bucknell Business (M’Chigeeng)
Burk Aircraft Structural Repair Tech
Gurwinder Buttar Project Management
Mackenna Chalmers BScN
Benjamin Cole Aviation Technology (Flight)
Chanelle Conway-Corriveau Early Childhood Education
Couto Early Childhood Education
Jason Crack Natural Resource/Environmental Law – Inspection and Enforcement
Jordan Crawford Business
Marko Danailovski Forestry Technician – Conservation
Dave Public Relations & Event Management
Amanda Daynard Protection, Security & Investigation
Jauni Deneault Esthetician
Deidra Desmoulin-Lalonde Social Service Worker – NS
Kuldeep Kaur
Dhaliwal Personal Support Worker
Carm Espinal Forestry Technician – Conservation
Curtis Fox Business (M’Chigeeng)
Sidney Gould Digital Film Production
Anita Goymer Practical Nursing
Dennis Grisoni Aircraft Structural Repair Tech
Randeep Gupta Project Management
Mary Halloran Pre-Health Sciences (Advanced Diplomas & Degrees)
Hannah Hairstyling
Danielle Harmsen Hairstyling
Kylan Hawke Social Service Worker
Hill Personal Support Worker
Vishalkumar Hingladiya Robotics & Advanced Automation
Cathryn Holmberg Practical Nursing
Adam Horban Forestry Technician – Conservation
Kaitlyn Irving Graphic Design – Digital Media
Lori Isnana ECE – Kenora
Saleh Issa Aviation Technology (Flight)
Wesley Johnston Forestry Technician – Conservation
Safvan Kalambra Project Management
Rosepreet Kaur Health Care Administration
Harmalpreet Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Sandeep Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Amandeep Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Manpreet Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Sarbjeet Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Harpreet Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Kaur Health Care Administration
Amandeep Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Mandeep Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Rupinder Kaur Mobile Applications Design
Ramandeep Kaur Project Management
Elias Keeshig Business Accounting
Lisa Marie Kelly Public Relations & Event Management
Albert Kelly Welding Techniques
Brittany Kennedy Protection, Security & Investigation
Andrea Kennedy-Mitchell Social Service Worker – NS
Kment BScN
Louise Lamothe Hairstyling
Carrine Leblanc Culinary Skills / Culinary Management
Ray Lemieux Digital Film Production
Monique Levesque Social Service Worker – NS
Anna Little Stevens Business
Kayla Macjanet Child & Youth Care
Stephanie Mackenzie Civil Engineering Technician
Mangone Child & Youth Care
Michael Matthews Business Accounting
Jessica Matthews Social Service Worker – NS
Kailey Mclaren Esthetician – Kenora
Sabrinna Misasi Public Relations & Event Management
Jennifer Miskiw Early Childhood Education
Irshad Mohammad Network Architecture and Security Analytics
Megan Murphy Early Childhood Education
Hemanth Myneni Robotics & Advanced Automation
Jaida Nash Hairstyling – Fort Frances
Khushi Nayak Network Architecture and Security Analytics
Kristian Nelson Mechanical Engineering Technician – Manufacturing
Danyelle Neniska Esthetician – Kenora
Hoang Nhi Nguyen Practical Nursing
Niendorf Aviation Technology (Flight)
Kiran Oli Health Care Administration
Tiia-Cierra Opala Ollinaho Social Service Worker – NS
Pacello Pre-Health Sciences (Advanced Diplomas & Degrees)
Sandeep Panesar Project Management
Dhartikumari Patel Mobile Applications Design
Nirali Patel Mobile Applications Design
Angelica Pearce Aviation Technology (Flight)
Megan Periard OTA/PTA
Price Aviation Technology (Flight)
Kaytie Proulx Early Childhood Education
Shivam Rana Mobile Applications Design
Stephanie Retzler Esthetician
Toni Lyn Rossi Office Administration Executive
Carrie Roswell Social Service Worker – NS
Megan Rowlinson Police Foundations
Maninder Saini Mobile Applications Design
Melissa Sarrasin Metal Fabrication Technician
Randi Lynn Saunders Police Foundations
Alexander Schadenberg Geographic Information System
Scott Early Childhood Education
Tejasvi Sharma Aviation Technology (Flight)
Hardeep Sharma Project Management
Ahsan Sheikh Aviation Technology (Flight)
Sean Sherlock Welding Techniques
Gurpreet Sidhu Project Management
Katrina Simon Police Foundations
Navpreet Singh Grewal Project Management
Yadvinder Singh Project Management
Gurjant Singh Mobile Applications Design
Mandeep Singh Project Management
James Skalko General Arts and Science – One year
Carrie- Lynn Smale Social Service Worker – NS
Akshaysinh Solanki Health Care Administration
Angela Speers Office Administration Executive
Amanda Stewart Social Service Worker
Wendy Stubbs Social Service Worker
Jessica Tett Public Relations & Event Management
Thind Project Management
Mathew Thurston ECE – Kenora
Melissa Unetic Social Service Worker – NS
Jody Valley OTA/PTA
Jaikishan Varadharajan Iyer Robotics & Advanced Automation
Varghese Health Care Administration
Asit Verma Health Care Administration
Puneet Verma Mobile Applications Design
Kaden Werner Aviation Technology (Flight)
Kerrie White Esthetician – Kenora
Julie Willet Social Service Worker – NS
Vanessa Wilson Protection, Security & Investigation
Melissa Wilson General Arts and Science – University Transfer
Sarah Winter Adventure Recreation & Parks Technician
Alysha Wismer Protection, Security & Investigation
Krystle Wood Personal Support Worker
Dalton Woodcock Graphic Design – Digital Media
Mingzhi Zhang Digital Film Production


The academic excellence of our students will continue to be celebrated at the annual Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards event being held on Tuesday, March 19 at the Quattro Hotel. This exciting event will honour the recipients of the donor sponsored Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards.