In Memoriam: William (Bud) Dawson


William (Bud) Dawson who died 1 year ago (age 101)

I remember… the 60 years you worked at Thayer Lumber and how you loved the smell of wood!

I remember… the playhouse you built for us, the bell you would ring on Christmas Eve so that all the grandchildren would know that Santa was on his way and to get into bed quickly.

I remember… the stories of your youth and the army stories that would bring laughter to our home.

I remember… the ‘strawberry rhubarb’ patch and the lilacs you would pick for Mom.

I remember… going as a family to church and the Sunday afternoon car rides.

I remember… your love of ‘fish & chips’ and the fact that you always carried a candy or two in your pocket to share.

I remember the twinkle in your eyes… and in remembering, I again treasure those moments of the heart.

Love you, miss you Dad.
Pat & John and family