Windy Conditions Knocks Out Power For Thousands Locally


Strong winds associated with a very strong low pressure system in the States knocked out power for thousands of customers with the PUC and Algoma Power early Friday.

PUC crews responded to an outage in the  Trunk Rd from Boundary to Lake, Idaho, Arizona, Silverbirch, Macdonald; Black Rd., Burton, Fairmount, Creery/Breton, Danby/Parker as well as the South section of the P-Patch,  Willoughby East to Pine Street and South of Willoughby to McNabb. PUC says tree contacts with power lines caused the outage. PUC say about 1100 homes have been restored and working to restore others.

Meanwhile homes north of the city serviced by Algoma Power are also in the dark and cold in the Goulais River & Awares Township affecting 740 homes and businesses. Crews are continuing to determine the outage.

Strong winds with gusts up to 50 km/h will continue for most of the day before diminishing sometime tonight


  1. Why didn’t this make the news 2 weeks ago when the east end (Trunk road) power was out for 12 hours…12 got to 53 in my apt…before it was turned back on. and then a week later, it was out for 3 more house and NOTHING was in the paper or news about it!!! I’m thinking it’s another ploy to raise rates yet again. We’ve never had these problems before and have had worse storms.

  2. Common sense and Logic would say if trees are even close just have them removed to begin with but I never understood why they only trim – its a yearly occurrence.

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