Winona Hutchinson’s Campaign Trail Begins


Winona Hutchinson has put her name in for the Conservative party come this fall election.

On Monday evening, she welcomed the community to her first event at the Water Tower Inn, in which she informed the participants about her concerns for our city, in hopes to get the public behind her.

Above is a video from the event, in which ONNtv spoke with her.



  1. in the general sense, I am so pleased to note that a dilemma through some plotting against me that seems did directly or indirectly involve _Mr.Joseph Fratesi _ did not result in ongoing violating treatment that is to my awareness. The serious attack was not in viewing or hearing distance. It is not clear to me who and or how many lied about me last year regarding an online political site.

    I have not had time to search for it yet this year.

  2. We need a strong, trusting, intelligent, hard working representative in Ottawa. What’s going on with these federal liberals in Ottawa is criminally outrageous !!! The SNC SCANDEL lieberal led committee is shutting down their investigation. justin’s liberals are going to shut down democracy and why ??? Because these libs, no doubt, have something very serious to hide if the snc lavalin has to go to court over very serious criminal allegations. The sheep that are the lieberal mps out there, including our own mp, are keeping mum, like a bunch of puppy dogs, falling in line, behind his royal highness, the junior, want-a-be pm, justin trudeau. Our feminist pm, justin, is falling short of his fake reputation, because when females, like the Honourable Wilson-Raybould, challenge junior, he throws them under the bus.
    The opportunity is perfectly timed, for the Conservatives to put a credible, respected, strong candidate forward for this federal election. The dominos are falling on these libs; the feminist wall of justin trudeau is crumbling !! Many lib mps are in serious jeopardy of losing their seats. SSM voters have a chance to be part of this wave. Let’s at least keep our eyes & ears open and see what is really going on. There’s a strong stench of criminality in the liberal air.
    Good luck to Winona !! Let’s get a strong Conservative candidate in place, and soon. justin has it in his DNA to call an early election.
    By the way, watch justin’s libs’ budget today- justin will spend $BILLIONS of “your tax dollars” to try and win you over. lol.

    • Hello Mr. Fata

      I sure am glad that we again spoke by phone however much we have in differences. That is including the bit with your spousal partner.

      I do not know about the pavilion regarding public gathering planning however it does appear it is in the works for August sometime at the place where the back is off of Cathcart not far from me. I know per phone I did not bring that up at all.

  3. I went to the event out of curiosity. I was not membership supported Conservatives when I went into the room and maybe I won’t agree with everything but after listening and seeing the presentation I felt it only right that I went and signed up and got my first membership card. I like Winona.
    I saw that the other nominee made an appearance at Winona’s rally I thought it was good and a bit odd, up and until I was making my way to the exit. Low and behold he was there openly campaigning, note book in hand. Seriously?
    I’m sorry I could see if he had stopped in under a spirit of good sportsmanship but the open display of arrogance and the balls to campaign at someone else’s event, talk about no class.
    I have to wonder, If Winona had been a male candidate would he have shown up?
    Was this a display of alpha dominance and blatant attempt at intimidation?
    If I was asked I would have to say to question one NO and to question 2 Most defiantly YES.

  4. Unfortunate to see someone with no qualifications feel entitled enough to run. Unable to monitor and ensure the safety of the chain mail she bombards her friends list with but feels she’s fit to represent the public’s interest. 🙄

    Maybe I should throw my name in, at least I know the difference between a scam and legitimate cause.

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