“BlaSters”Hoping To Be “The Place to Go”


Das Kumar wants “BlaSter” to be “the place to go”.

Announced earlier this month, Soo Blasters has been completing their overhaul of their venue that will be ready by the end of April.

Aside from the name change, a $500,000 investment into “modern games”, a brand new menu and a new $100,000 sound system, “BlaSter” is transforming into a multi-facet venue that will be able to handle large events with the building capacity set at 900.

The one unchanged feature, the location at 345 Queen St East.

When asked what prompted the changes in his menu, Kumar said “It was time for something new. Everyone wants new”.

In his attempt to give the people what they want, they will also be welcomed to an entirely new selection for their arcade games, which are now operated by pre-loaded cards. No need for coins.

Kumar also wants to kill the notion that this could be a venue just for the children with the big screened games and sport simulators.

“This is not for kids, this is for all ages!” he said with a smile.

The new state of the art sound system will also make BlaSter a highly desired venue for concert goers. Kumar plans to “have one or two concerts a month” that will not be limited of genre.

While Kumar felt a bit of kick back from the public, he made sure to clear the air when it came to the genre of music. “It won’t only be hip-hop, it will be country, pop, rock, you name it”.

“If you’re from the North, everyone goes to the big cities to enjoy what they have to offer, but that’s why we are here”.

BlaSter’s new arcade games are officially open for use during normal business hours.