Canada’s airlines want longer runway for security-screening overhaul


OTTAWA — The federal plan to revamp Canada’s air-security screening system is running into some headwinds from the major airlines, which are urging the government to take things slow to get the changes right.

In their last budget, the Liberals announced plans to turn the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the Crown corporation responsible for screening people and baggage, into an independent, not-for-profit agency.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says the new model will benefit the travelling public.

The National Airlines Council of Canada, which represents the country’s four largest carriers, tells MPs on the House of Commons transport committee today that the government expects the new system to be in place by next April.

However, the council says, many important questions still need to be answered.

For instance, while the budget sets aside millions of dollars in transition funding, the council is unclear on how the government arrived at the figure or what it includes.

The Canadian Press