Caught on Camera: Incident of Graffiti Vandalism


On April 9, 2019 graffiti vandalism was discovered on the exterior of a building on Albert Street. The video surveillance reveals three unknown males were involved in the offence overnight.

Help Crime Stoppers and the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service identify the suspects involved in this incident of mischief.

With Crime Stoppers you remain anonymous and are eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000. Together let’s solve crime and help make Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District a safer place!

What is Graffiti Vandalism?


Graffiti Vandalism is the defacing of public or private property without the permission of the owner by painting or otherwise marking it with words, pictures, or symbols. Most graffiti is the work of “taggers”. Taggers engage in the most basic forms of graffiti, which generally involve a personal and stylized signature. Taggers are generally motivated to place their signature or tag in various highly visible locations. These individuals or groups of taggers can be competitive among each other which results in the proliferation of graffiti.

Unauthorized graffiti is considered an act of vandalism and is a criminal offence known as mischief contrary to section 430 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Persons can be charged with mischief under $5,000 or mischief over $5,000 depending on the value of the property damage.

Graffiti negatively impacts our community in many ways. It contributes to reduced property values, a decline in commercial sales, increased crime rates, and wasted tax dollars for clean up. For a business owner or a homeowner it can be very costly to repair the damage. Ultimately, Graffiti diminishes a citizen’s feeling of safety and security.

Prevent Graffiti Vandalism


·        Restricting access using fences, gates, locks

·        Covering using vines, plants, or shrubs

·        Murals

·        A protective barrier coating on surface

·        Improved lighting

·        Installation of security cameras

·        Timely removal of graffiti

Report Graffiti Vandalism

If you see Graffiti Vandalism happening, it is considered a crime in progress and can be reported immediately to Sault Ste. Marie Police Service by way of 911 or 705-949-6300. Similarly if it is hate-based graffiti please contact the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service prior to removal.

If you have information regarding Graffiti Vandalism and wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers of Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District at 705-942-7867 or at 1-800-222-8477, submit your tip online by clicking the “Submit A Tip” button found on their website at or download the P3 app.


  1. They should have to do community service to clean up their mess and spend several hours cleaning up city parks. Stiffer penalties should be imposed for this type of vandalism

    • Still see huge “SO F BORED” tagging all over the city from years ago the punk that did that did not have to clean it up. What did he get anyone know, a scolding?

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