City Staff to Host Bicycle Route Network Open House


The City of Sault Ste. Marie is committed to implementing a comprehensive network of bicycle routes across the community that link key points of interest, employment, recreation, and residential areas.

Four of these routes are anticipated to be implemented this summer:

  • Pine Street – Queen Street to Northern Avenue
  • Queen Street – Sault Ste. Marie Golf Club to Dacey Road
  • Willow Avenue – McNabb Street to Northern Avenue
  • Willoughby Street/Wawanosh Avenue – Grandmont Crescent  to Pine Street

City staff are hosting a public information session regarding these bicycle routes on Thurs. May 2 from 4-7 p.m. at the John Rhodes Community Centre, Room 2 on the second floor.

This session will provide an opportunity to review and provide feedback on matters such as bicycle route dimensions, road conversions, on-street parking restrictions, signage, intersection configuration, and more. Join us as we continue to expand and connect the cycling network.

This project is a starting point for retrofitting the road network to be more inclusive for cyclists, and is also part of an overall city effort to transform our streets and public spaces to make them safer and more inviting for all users of the road.

All are welcome to attend the public information session and share comments with City staff.


  1. This is a great beginning, and a welcome add-on for the Hub Trail. In this proposal there is nothing for the west end to link up to the Hub Trail and there needs to be, given the volume of riders already needing access to the west end. I suggest Douglas St. between Goulais and Korah, then continuing up Farwell and east on Henrietta to link up to the Hub Trail. All of these roads are wide enough and in good shape.

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